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Look like Poms


Dogs that Look Similar to Pomeranians

purebred Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a unique breed. He has a thick double coat that can be found in a huge variety of colors. A Pom can be solid, parti-colored (two colors) or tri-colored (three color combination). The Pomeranian is a toy sized breed with a square compact body, small erect ears and a thick, plumed tail. 

This breed certain stands out among many other dogs, including toy breeds. Those familiar with the Pomeranian will always spot the breed immediately. 

However, if a person is not very familiar with the breed, there are some other dogs that can be mistaken for a Pomeranian.
Some breeds - most apparent with dogs that are closely related to the Pom - will have a comparable appearance in regard to the coat and body structure. With others, it will be the size and weight that allows for a comparison. However, as you will see none have all of the special traits of a Pomeranian.
Other Dogs in the Spitz Family that are Similar to Pomeranians

Since the Pomeranian is in the Spitz family of canines, we'll first look at other Spitz dogs. It is thought that Spitz dogs originated in either the Arctic region or Siberia or both. Due to the very cold climate, most will have thick double coats.

Other traits that they have in common are pointed ears and similarly shaped muzzles.  

The two biggest differences between other dogs in the Spitz family and Pomeranians are that others will be larger in body structure and often be very limited in coat color. 
Keeshond dog
Keeshond - This breed is, perhaps, the one that looks the most like a Pomeranian. The Keeshond is, in fact, a close relative of the Pom and originated in Germany along with other Spitz dogs. The two main differences between this breed and a Pomeranian is size and color. 

In regard to size, this is a medium sized dog, considerably larger than a Pom and reminds us of a Throwback Pomeranian. Weight is a hardy 36 to 40 lbs. (16.3 to 18.1 kg) and a height of 17 to 18 inches (43.18 to 45.72 cm).

If you didn't know how big this dog was, you just might think it was white or silver sable Pomeranian.
Coat color is the other big difference since Pomeranians can be found in a multitude of colors but the Keeshond can only be found with gray, black and cream coats. Hairs may have black tips (sabling) as Pomeranians can have. 
Image attribution: By dancing with wolves (Majic. Cropped by Pharaoh Hound.) via Wikimedia Commons
American Eskimo dog
The American Eskimo Dog - Just like the Pomeranian - this breed originated from the German Spitz dog. Long ago, breeding of the German Spitz broke off into different groups. One group of dogs were refined to have white coats and a variety of sizes, giving us the American Eskimo Dog and another group was developed to have a multitude of colors and only a toy size, giving us the Pomeranian. 

There are 3 different sizes of this breed: Toy (9 to 12 inches in height- which make this variety very similar to Pomeranians,Miniature (12+ to 15 inches) and Standard (15+ to 19 inches). 
The American Eskimo Dog will have a very similar coat to the Pom in regard to texture being a double coat with outer guard hairs. In regard to color, this breed only can be found in white and biscuit cream, which is perhaps the biggest difference of all since Pomeranians can be found in over 20 colors if you count possible markings. 
Japanese Spitz dog
Japanese Spitz - Not only does this dog look very similar to a pure white Pomeranian, he also looks quite a bit like the above American Eskimo Dog. It's interesting to note that this breed is not yet recognized by the AKC. 

This breed is, however, recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and the KC (The Kennel Club - UK). The Japanese Spitz is much larger than a Pomeranian.

He is a medium sized dog that ranges from 12 to 14.5 inches (30 to 37 cm). 
While there is no standard weight, it ranges from 15 to 19 lbs. (6.8 to 8.6 kg). This dog - unlike the Pomeranian - comes in only one color: white. 
Volpino Italiano dog
Volpino Italiano - Here we have yet another dog that looks very similar to a white Pomeranian (and the other white or light coated Spitz breeds).

This breed originated in Italy (hence the name). Unlike the Pomeranian, this is a very rare breed that just about became extinct, with only 5 dogs registered in 1965. The AKC does not yet recognize this breed, however the FCI does.

This dog is small but about double the size of the Pomeranian. The height range is 25 to 30 cm (9.84 to 11.8 inches).
Weight range is 9 to 12 lbs. (4.08 to 5.44 kg). 

There are physical similarities including the thick coat, plumed tail and small triangle ears. As you can see, the muzzle is comparable to Poms that have the fox face. Image Attribution: Wikimedia Commons
Non-Spitz Dogs that Resemble a Pomeranian to Some Extent
Finnish Lapphund dog
Finnish Lapphund - As you can see this Finnish Lapphund does look a little bit like a Pomeranian; though his coloring bears resemblance to a Collie. The ruff, tail and feathering on the legs are reminiscent of Poms and if you don't look at the dog's face, you may see this more clearly.

This dog is a much larger size than a Pomeranian with a range of 16 to 21 inches tall (floor to withers) and a weight range of weight range of 33 to 53 lbs. (15 to 24 kg). That places this breed into the medium sized group.

The coat is very dense, thick and profuse like a Pomeranian's. 
While all colors are permitted, the most common are black, blonde, brown, and tan combinations. 
Image Attribution: By Apdevries [2] (English Wikipedia [1]) [CC BY-SA 2.5] via Wikimedia Commons
Schipperke dog
Schipperke - This breed was developed in Belgium and like the Pomeranian, is described as 'fox like'.

A huge difference -as with many dogs that look similar to Poms - is the coat, which only comes in solid black. And as you can see, it is much shorter. This breed could never be called a 'ball of fluff' like the Pom is. This dog looks somewhat like a solid black Pomeranian with a trimmed coat.   Image Attribution: Pleple2000, public domain, Wikimedia Commons

It's interesting to note that the size of the dog varies by country and dogs bred in the US are usually much larger than those in some countries overseas.  
  • The AKC lists only the height which is 10 to 13 inches (25 to 33 cm). While there is no set standard, in the U.S. these dogs typically have a weight of 11 to 18 lbs. (4.98 to 8.16 kg).
  • The FCI does have a weight standard, which is 3 to 9 kg (6.61 to 19.84 lbs.).
  • In Belgium, where this breed originated - there are 3 size classes: Toys, under 6 lbs. (2.72 kg), medium size from 6 to 12 lbs. (2.72 to 5.44 kg) and large from 12 to 18 lbs. (5.44 to 8.16 kg).
  • The British standard is identical to the Belgian Kennel Club, except for the size. They have a fixed weight of 11 lbs. (4.98 kg) for females and 12 lbs. (5.44 kg) for males.
Other Toy Breed Dogs that Look a Little Similar to Pomeranians

Due to size and length of coat -though they don't even come close in regard to 'fluff', there are two toy breed dogs that look a bit like Poms - though not enough to be mistaken as one.
long coat Chihuahua looks like Pomeranian
Long Coat Chihuahua - Usually a Chihuahua wouldn't look anything like a Pom at all, however when it comes to longhaired Chihuahuas there are some similarities as you can see. 

The coat is much thinner. Although some have 2 coats and some have 1, even for those with double coats the fur isn't overly thick and lies close to the body.

The body is leaner and longer. The legs are longer as well. These dogs may remind one - just a tad - of a Pom that is going through the 'Puppy Uglies' (no disrespect to Chihuahua lovers).
Papillon dog looks like Pomeranian
Papillon - The Papillon can look a lot like a Pom, IF the dog is positioned a certain a way. 

As you can see this dog looks somewhat like a young fox-faced Pomeranian before the full adult coat has grown in. But the high fringed ears are just one of the qualities that gives him his own unique look.

Nicknamed 'Pappy' this breed is just about the same size as a Pomeranian. 
It has a height of 8 to 11 inches (20 to 27 cm) and a very comparable weight of 4 to 9 lbs. (1.81 to 4.08) with a Pomeranian being just a bit smaller at 3 - 7 lbs. (1.36 - 3.175 kg).

Major differences are that this breed has a single, thin and silky coat compared to the Pom's dense double coat, larger stand up ears that have fringes on them unlike a Pomeranian's small triangle ears and coats that are always parti-colored which is very different since the Pom can be solid.

For some reason, there are breeders that mix Pomeranians and Papillons, which creates a 'designer' dog dubbed the 'Paperanian'. It is highly doubtful that that sort of hybrid dog would ever become popular or accepted in any recognized club.
Japanese chin dog
Japanese Chin - If you didn't look at the face of this dog, you might think that it looks like a Pomeranian to some degree. The coat reminds us of an older, senior Pom whose coat tends to lie flatter than his younger counterparts.

This toy breed dog is 8 to 11 inches (20 to 27 cm) tall with a weight of 3 to 14 lbs. (1.4 to 6.8 kg).
Therefore, some can be as small as a Pom but others will be much larger. This breed - unlike Poms- is not seen with solid coats. Fur color is either parti or tri including Black & White, Black Tan & White, Lemon & White, Red & White, Sable & White and White & Black. In this sense, the dog pictured here to some extent resembles a white and black Pomeranian. 
However, once we take a look at the facial structure of a Japanese Chin, we can see that this dog doesn't look like a Pomeranian at all.

Despite the name, this breed originated in China and was further developed there. Like some other breeds that were developed in Asia, this is a brachycephalic breed, with a short, flatten face. 
Japanese chin flatter face than Pomeranian
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