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Male Pomeranian Penile Discharge


When people talk about dogs having discharge, they most often are referring to females; however male dogs can have issues as well. It can be quite shocking to see discharge on the penis, so this section will cover why this can happen, when it is normal and the rare times that it can point to a problem. 

We will also cover ejaculation issues commonly seen with male dogs. 
male Pomeranian
Sammy, photo courtesy of Cindy Levine

Yellow or Green Discharge on the Penis

It may seem odd to hear this, however in many cases it is quite normal for a male Pomeranian to have a bit of either yellow or green discharge coming from the head of the penis. It may appear as one small gob of a thick substance.

Do keep in mind that we are talking about a blob of discharge located on the head of the penis and not any sort of flowing discharge or fluid. 

There is a name for this sort of discharge; it is called smegma (this is the technical term). While it may very well appear to be coming out of the urethra opening of the penis, it actually originates from the sheath (the skin surrounding the penis). 

The smegma is a mix of cells and naturally occurring bodily lubricants. Once in a while, it can accumulate and end up seeping out from the sheath and up to the penis, thus appearing to come from the penis itself. 
It often does not have a very strong smell that would emit from the small glob of discharge itself, however an owner may take note of an odd odor if the Pomeranian has laid down in one area and it has deposited onto bedding or other fabric.  

Discharge After a Male Dog Pees

Another issue that can be noticed with male Pomeranians is a white to yellow colored, thick discharge that occurs right after the dog urinates. 

In many cases, this as well can be attributed cells and matter that is normally located between the sheath and the penis. The act of peeing can make this materialize; and therefore this is typically nothing to be concerned about.

With this said, if a male Pomeranian has this sort of penile discharge and there are other signs such as very cloudy urine, frequent urination and/or signs of straining or pain during urination, this may point to a bladder or urinary tract infection (UTI); this is an issue that need to be treated by the vet. 

Males are treated for UTIs and bladder infection the same as females, with a course of antibiotics, usually taken for 7 to 10 days. 

Bloody Discharge from a Male Pom's Penis

This is often a sign of a rare but serious condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) that affects intake males. This is not to be confused with blood in the urine. With this disorder, there can be blood coming out of the penile opening.  

BPH in and of itself rarely causes an issue; it refers to the enlargement of a dog's prostate gland. 

Approximately 50% of intact male dogs will develop this by the age of 5 years old. By the age of 9 years old, roughly 90% of male dogs have an enlarged prostate. 
Normally this does not cause a problem; the gland simply expands a bit into the body a bit closer to the spine. 

With this said, there are two instances in which it can cause more serious issues:

1. If it enlarges too much, it can cause constipation or fecal impaction. A sign of this is stools that appear to be very thin, like small strips of ribbon. 

2. Even more rarely, if it enlarges to a great degree and moves forward in the body (as opposed to backward), it can press on the urethra. This in turn, can cause trauma that leads to a bloody discharge from the penis. 
white Pomeranian named Magic
Captain Jack-Jack,
 10 weeks old
Photo courtesy of Karynne Kegley
This is diagnosed via a rectal exam, blood work, urinalysis, sampling fluid drawn from the prostate and most often, x-rays. 

Depending on the severity of the problem, neutering may be recommended as it almost always completely cured the condition.

Serious Issues Related to Penile Discharge

While most cases of randomly occurring, small amounts of discharge seen on a male Pomeranian's penis can be attributed to the normally bodily functions of the genital area, there are a list of more serious health conditions that are possible. 

This includes:
  • Cancer
  • Foreign body in the urethra tube
  • Balanoposthitis (inflammation of the penis)
  • Bladder stones
  • Prostate issues
  • Cysts
  • Abscesses
  • Improperly function sphincter
  • Phimosis (an issue regarding how the sheath retracts from the dog's penis)
  • Priapism (chronic, painful erections)
small Pomeranian white and black
Thibaut, 6 months old, photo courtesy of 
Sheelagh & Durval Smith

Can Neutered Male Pomeranians Ejaculate?

Many owners are surprised to learn that the answer is yes.

Male dogs can both get an erection and ejaculate fluid. The fluid will not contain any sperm, however. Most males do calm down in regard to humping once they are neutered, however they may display humping behavior due to other reasons aside from hormonal urges, including play behavior or even as a response to a stressful situation. 

Male Pomeranian Ejaculating Without Mating

While it can be a bit disturbing (or embarrassing if you have company over), male dogs can mount something (a toy, a person's leg or even just a blanket) and end up ejaculating on it. As stated above, this holds true for both neutered and un-neutered dogs. 
While one would assume that some actually humping motion needs to be involved for fluid to be released from the male dog's penis, in some cases the motion is exceedingly slight and may not be perceived as humping. 

The most common reasons why this may occur include:
  • Sexual behavior - for males that are intact
  • Response to stress
  • UTI - that causes irritation
  • Allergies that cause genital itching
  • Compulsive behavior
  • If a Pomeranian were in the company of other dogs, reasons then include play behavior or to show dominance 


If you notice a bit of discharge on your male Pomeranian's penis (either the head or the shaft), this is often nothing to be concerned about. It is normal for this to happen once in a while. 

If, however, there is a lot of discharge (large amounts or if it happens often) and any other signs including but not limited to cloudy urine, frequent urination, signs of pain when peeing, smelly urine, bloody urine and/or bloody discharge, these are signs that you should bring your Pomeranian to the vet for a full and complete checkup. 
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