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2014 Contest


2014 - The 4th Annual Pomeranian Halloween Costume Contest

Check out 2014's winners & contestants (as voted on by PetPom Members)!
Pomeranian dressed as table
Teaticket, as a Table with Spaghetti, Meatballs and POMesan Cheese!
Teaticket is 6 months old, Owner: Lynn Mack
runner up
female Pomeranian costume
Chloe, as Elsa from Frozen! Chloe is 7 years old, Owner: Karen Lee-Christian
2nd runner up
Cowboy costume for Pomeranian
Griffinth, as a Cowboy! Griffinth is 3 years old, Owner: Diana Bates from Pawsitively Pom Rescue
3rd runner up
Pomeranian in monster costume
Emmitt, as a Blue Fuzzy Monster! Emmitt is 8 years old, Owner: Janine Rigney
most befitting costume
Pomeranian Rocket Raccoon Costume
Nina, as Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy! Nina is 4 months old, Owner: Izza de la Garza
most amusing costume winner
Pomeranian coyote costume
Sugar Bear, as Wile E. Coyote! Sugar Bear is 3 years old, Owner: Erin Leary
most enthusiastic costume
Pomeranian sailor costume
Stewie, as a Sailor Boy! Stewie is 4 years old, Owner: Tanya Lister
funniest pose
Pomeranian in funny pose
Clover, as a Beach Bum Diva! Clover is 13 years old, Owner: Lonette Elias
most elegant stance
most elegant costume Pomeranian
Kaos, as a Pumpkin Princess! Kaos is 5 months old, Owner: Annette Devlin
All of the contestants for 2014's contest were simply adorable!
All 2014 Halloween Pomeranians:
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