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Short hair


Why Does My Pomeranian Have Short Hair?


You have a Pom! This is one of the fluffiest breeds... famous for their incredible thick, full and luxurious coat of fur. So, why does your Pomeranian have short hair?

Only Pom lovers can understand the importance of this question! Appearance isn't everything. Okay, we got that out of the way.  

Now that we said that, you have every right to be concerned if your Pomeranian is not looking like the puppy or dog that you expected...After all, when we are looking for a canine family member, we often choose a breed based quite a bit on appearance...

This includes coat length, coloring and size. So, here in this section we are going to talk about reasons why your Pom's fur may be short...And we will talk about what you can do for each possible reason.
Reason 1- It may simply be a matter of age. Young Pomeranian puppies DO have short hair. Newborns have a coat so short that it barely stands out from the body. By the time an owner obtains an 8-week-old puppy, the coat is still rather short. 
Pomeranian short hair vs long hair
It is very soft to the touch, like silk and it is approximately 1 to 2 inches in length. This can, of course vary. Your pup will not have long hairs until his or her adult coat has grown in.

This process is usually complete by the age of 1-year-old...However, with some, it can be up to the age of 14 months. So, if you have a little one, there is no need to worry. Take good care when grooming and the coat will grow out.
Pomeranian before and after fur growth
A Pom before and after the adult coat grew in.
Photo courtesy of Carol Keen
Reason 2 - Growth Stage. If you are asking this question and your Pomeranian is between the ages of 4 months to 12 months, the most typical reason is that he or she is going through what is called the "Puppy Uglies". 

How does this breed end up with an incredible, fluffy coat? The puppy coat sheds off and the adult coat grows in. During this time, there are great changes. 

The word "Uglies" is used, because quite frankly some Poms can look very odd during this time. 

There is no need to worry...
it is not painful and it is a normal, expected phase that this breed goes through. It can begin any time between the ages of 4 months to 8 months...and it will all be over by the 1 year mark for most...with some taking a bit longer. The majority of Poms are all done by 14 months.

There can be patches of hair loss...and with some, you will see some areas of longer fur and some areas of short. It will all even out when all is said and done. During this time, the skin can be very sensitive. Please use small dabs of sunscreen on any balding areas if you are going to have your Pomeranian outside on warm/hot sunny days for longer than 20 minutes.

Also, elbows and other areas that are temporarily not protected by thick hair can develop sores easily. Therefore, it is suggested to lay down a soft, clean baby blanket on any floor areas that your pup normally lies down. 
Use a good, quality shampoo and conditioner. Do not offer too many baths... once every 3 weeks is just fine unless your Pom has run through a puddle of mud! You should continue to groom and brush the coat...It will help remove dead, shedded hairs, allowing for good air circulation which helps aid in new growth. 

Do go gently, and never brush a dry coat...mist with a leave-in conditioner. Do not blow dry....always pat (not rub) after the bath with a soft towel and then allow for your Pomeranian to air dry. Then.... wait. That is all you need to do. Once the adult coat grows in, with good grooming care, your Pom will be a "ball of fluff". Below are before and after photos of a Pom that is going through the "Puppy Uglies".
Reason 3 - While rare, BSD (short for Black Skin Disease) is a medical issue that causes drastic changes to the coat. There is hair loss, often uneven over the whole body. With many Pomeranians that have this, there are signs before any thinning occurs...the coat does not look quite right. Fortunately, this is not painful at all. Unfortunately, there is not yet a cure. 

This can develop at any age, however the most typical time is at the 2 year mark. If your Pom has short hair, please do not automatically assume that it is due to this issue... Most commonly it will be due to age as explained above.

Reason 4 - Genetics. It may be in the genes. In some cases, a pup or dog may not be a purebred Pomeranian. If there is a mix somewhere in the bloodline, even a few generations back, it can affect appearance. For this reason, it is recommended to only obtain a pup from an AKC breeder who is established and reputable. 

In many parts of the country, puppy mills are being wiped out...That is a good thing. However, we have noticed that pet stores (that people once shunned away from) are now popping up again in some areas....Many claim to only do business with small home breeders. While this may be the case, if you cannot see the parents (dam and sire) and you cannot see the living conditions and environment that existed from birth to 8-weeks-old, proceed with caution.

Another possible gene issue is that the dog in question may indeed be a purebred, however one must be aware that not all Poms are going to fit the standard. A caring, responsible and serious breeder will breed "for the betterment of the breed", with the goal to produce litters that met the standards set by the AKC.  

With this said, there are people who give this zero regard, producing litters with faulty coats and other problematic elements. Those who do follow the expectations of excellent practices will still occasionally have an "odd-ball" pup.
Reason 5 - Shedding. Generally, Pomeranians shed 2 times per year. This breed has 2 layers of fur, an undercoat and a outer coat. 
The undercoat is very thick and when it sheds, there will be a lot of thinning, which can be interpreted by some as hairs being "short". However, what really happens is that with so much of the inner layer gone, the guard hairs no longer stand up, the coat lays down flatter against the body and the "fluff" is gone. The amount of shedding that happens is somewhat influenced by the weather and by temperature. 

If a Pomeranian experiences cold winters, shedding will happen to a greater degree....However, if the seasons change, bringing cold weather and a Pom stays indoors with the heat set on 70 degrees Fahrenheit, using pee pads for bathroom needs, shedding may not be so noticeable. No matter to what extent this happens, the best thing to do is to brush often to remove dead hairs. Know that this process is is actually not a bad thing, it is a normal process of renewal. 
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