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Why Does My Pomeranian Stare at Me?


Dog owners certainly know the truth: Canines are smart, intelligent thinking creatures…they have minds of their own and unique personalitiesDogs do feel emotions, ranging from happiness to sadness…So, it is normal to wonder just what your Pomeranian is thinking about or what it means when he or she stares at you.

When one talks about a dog staring, what can often come to mind is that old saying, “Don’t’ stare into a dog’s eyes!”    

This saying is so popular because generally, with canines, a direct stare can be a sign and indication of aggression. It is often one of the first signs that a dog is on guard.

When a dog is alert and trying to decide if someone or something is a potential danger, if one was to stare directly back at a dog, this can be taken as a signal for a challenge…therefore, with aggressive dogs, one would not want to do this.  
Pomeranian puppy in dress looking at owner
Kaos, 5 months old
Photo courtesy of owner: Annette Devlin
With this said, this section is not going to discuss staring as a first sign of possible attack! What Pom owners want to know about, is why their Pomeranian gently and lovingly (or at least with curiosity) stares at them.

Reason 1- To get a read on things: Just like humans, dogs see the 3 dimensional world… they also see in color (it is a faded sort of color scheme, similar to how a human perceives things at dusk, just when the sun is setting). Pomeranians are curious by nature…most like to investigate things, mouth objects to find out what they are…and, yes, they stare at things too! Importantly to note here is that dogs, by order of canine instinct, look to their humans for guidance.  

If trained properly, your Pom sees you as his or her leader. You are the one in charge. Therefore, it is natural for your dog want to access situations by seeing how you are reacting. And your Pom does not just do this by listening to your voice…Your actions are just as important. 

During any situation, your Pomeranian will look to you to see if you are calm, happy, restless, or even fearful.
Dogs often then mimic their human’s emotions… after all, if the leader is nervous, the dog will begin to think that they should be as well…

Therefore, throughout the day, it is normal for a dog to stare at his human to get a take on the overall feelings that he or she is sending out. If your Pomeranian stares at you for a long time and has a relaxed body stance, this often simply means that he or she is comfortable with the readings that they are picking up on and finds comfort in seeing that their leader is relax, calm and happy. 

When this type of emotion is relayed, to a dog this means that all is fine with the “pack”…and that is what a dog loves!
Reason 2 - Expectations: While a dog may bark for very important needs (having to go to the bathroom, needing water when very thirsty, etc.) there are many other needs and wants that a Pomeranian can have. While these “wants” are not a “must”, it is normal for a Pom to stare at their human to see “what will happen now?”

If you have good interaction and bonding with your dog, there are many activities that “may” happen at any time. It is normal for your Pomeranian to stare at you, in anticipation of a possible action.

Will my owner go and get me a treat? Will my human jump up and say it is time for a walk? Will I suddenly be given a new toy? Oh, no, is it going to be bath time?... All of these thoughts metaphorically go through a dog’s mind…

This does not mean that you must find an activity to do every time that your dog intensely looks at you. However, it is suggested that if your Pomeranian is staring at you, to think about if engaging in an activity is warranted. Have you taken him or her for their daily walk yet? Were you watching a movie and perhaps did not offer a mean on time? Has it been a while since you’ve taken a bit to time to play? Is your Pom overdue for a belly rub? 
How To React

As stated earlier, if body stance is relaxed, there is no reason to be concerned. Your dog is either looking to you to access the overall vibe or is wondering if you will engage him or her. If all of your Pomeranian’s needs are met, it is just fine to give them a loving pat and then resume what you were doing. 

If you are watching a movie, your Pom would probably appreciate being picked up and placed on your lap. If you are very busy, let’s say typing away on the computer for hours, it is recommended to give both of you a break every now and then… It would make both of you happy to take 10 or 15 minutes to play or go outside for some fresh air.

In rare cases, there may be staring with other signs. You will want to take action if your Pom shows nervousness…for example, pacing back and forth while staring at you as this is a sign that the dog is anxious. It will be important to identify the cause.

If your Pomeranian is also shaking or avoids touching, this may be a sign that he or she is in pain. For these cases, you will certainly want to access the situation and take your dog to the closest veterinarian or animal hospital if it is warranted.  
Stewie, 4 years old
Photo courtesy of owner: Tanya Lister
To Summarize

In most cases, this behavior is nothing to be concerned about and is perfectly normal canine demeanor. 

It would be just wonderful if we could know exactly what our Pomeranians were thinking while they were looking at us…

However, as loving owners, what we CAN do is to make sure that we offer all of the proper care… from exercise, to grooming, to feeding, to interactional play and training…

As we can then take comfort that our best friend is happy and healthy. 
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