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Valentines Day


Pomeranians on Valentine's Day

About Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always celebrated on February 14th. It has a long history. However, one interesting note is that during the Middle Ages, it was thought that the middle of February was the start of bird mating season. This helped turn February 14th into a day to celebrate love. 

The very oldest Valentine card dates to the year 1415. It was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife. At that time, he was being held prisoner in the Tower of London after being captured during the Battle of Agincourt. This was during the Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453) between England and France.

Back in the 1700's in England, people starting expressing their love on this day by giving cards, sugary treats, and flowers.

Today, an estimated 190 million Valentine's Day cards are sent each year in the U.S. About 50% are given to people other than significant others. This special day is also very popular in the UK, and many countries across Europe and East Asia.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Your Pom

This is a day to celebrate love, and is a wonderful time to do a few extra things to show your Pomeranian how much you truly care. 

Here, we'll:
  • Take a look at some wonderful Pom celebrating the day with their humans
  • Have a Valentine's Day poll
  • See some great ways to show your Pom that you care (without too much spoiling)

Picture Time! Pomeranians Celebrating Valentine's Day

Dressing up your Pom and taking some cute snapshots is always a fun way to mark an occasion. We asked PetPom Members to send in photos of their Pomeranian on Valentine's Day, and the cuteness factor is off the charts!
Kody Bear, 2 years old,
photo courtesy of Marilyn Wetter Getzville, NY 
Bella Mia, 6 years old, 
photo courtesy of Marilyn Wetter Getzville, NY 
Sasha Mae, 5 months old, 
photo courtesy of Amber Isgrigg
Lucky, 3 years old,
photo courtesy of Angie Wennekamp
Cosy, 7 months old (male),
photo courtesy of Chiara Balconi
Bentley, 1 year old,
photo courtesy of Jim and Christy Whorton 
Winnie, at 5 months old, photo courtesy of Theresa Kraft
Toby, at 14 months old, photo courtesy of Marcus Teo
Tinkerbell, almost 8 years old,
photo courtesy of Kathy Dixon
RuPaul (5) & Maserati (10 mths), photo courtesy of Pamela Sabedra 
Gracie Mae, 8 weeks old,
photo courtesy of Sheila Lafont
Mia, 1 year old,
photo courtesy of Lisa McClendon 
two pomeranians kissing
Flynn (4) & Audrey (7), 
photo courtesy of L. Thornton
Michka, 8 months old, photo courtesy of Kaiu
Do you have a pic of your Pom on Valentine's Day, but did not send it in? 

We'd love to add it to this page.

First, if you are not yet a Member, sign up for free. This allows you to receive newsletters from us, and also submit photos of your Pom.
Then, email us the cutest photo(s) you have to: Be sure to let us know your Pom's name & age, and your name as you wish for it to appear:)
Wish you'd taken a pic, but you didn't?

No worries! 

This Valentine's Day page for Pomeranians will be a new annual event. 

If you are a PetPom Member, next year you will receive a newsletter letting you know when we will begin accepting submissions for Valentine's Day 2018.

Nice Ways to Show You Care

Of course, you spend every second of every waking moment showing your Pom that you love him or her! 

But, here are a few reminders of the ways that we can really show our love while helping our Pomeranians have optimal health, happiness, comfort, and safety. 
#1 Bring Your Pom with you more often. 
It's never fun leaving a puppy or dog home alone when you have to work or go to school. But, what about other times? If you have a comfortable sling or canine stroller, there are LOTS of places that you can bring your Pom along. 

And, if you bring your Pom into the car with you, please be sure to use a canine booster car seat. Unrestrained dogs are thrown with great force in the event of an accident. At just 35 MPH, a 7 lb. Pom would be thrown as if he were a 280 lb. object. 

(To see all of our recommendations below, if on mobile turn your phone horizontal)
#2 Give treats, but be sure that they are 100% good for your Pom. Dogs always love to receive a treat, and the best time to give snacks is to reward good behavior. But, if you don't put careful thought into what you're giving to your Pom, that treat given out of love could have bad consequences.

You'll want any treats to be 100% all natural. Any artificial coloring, preservatives, or flavors can cause terrible reactions. This includes upset stomach and skin reactions. 

In addition, one treat per day should be a Greenie's Teenie dental chew. It is the #1 vet recommended dental chew to help prevent and remove plaque, which is constantly being produced and causes terrible decay.

Below are our top picks for super healthy, and super yummy, treats that Poms love (if the images do not appear below, try doing a re-fresh... and if you are on your phone, turn it horizontal to see all of our recommendations)
#3 Do something fun with your Pom. Since Valentine's Day falls in the middle of winter, it may seem hard to think of special things to do. However, here are some suggestions:

Dress your Pom up super warm, and play in the snow. Pomeranians can be in the snow for up to 20 minutes,if they are properly protected. Just choose a day that is above 32 F. 

Play a game. You can hide a treat under 3 over-turned styrofoam cups and encourage your Pom to find it. Or, you can play a puzzle game with your Pom, taking time to teach him to nose levels and/or paw buttons. 

Blow bubbles to your Pom. Dogs have so much fun with this. You can manually do this, or grab a fun automatic bubble gun for easy bubble fun. 

(if the images below do not appear, try doing a re-fresh... and if you are on your phone, turn it horizontal to see all of our recommendations)

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See how many of these tips you are following, to ensure you're providing all important elements. 

This article is applicable to both new and experienced owners of Poms of all ages. 

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