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2017 Contest


2017 - The 7th Annual Pomeranian Halloween Costume Contest

The wait is over!
The results are in!
Winners are posted!
A big thank you to everyone who joined in on the fun this past Halloween!

In the years that PetPom has been doing this, 2017 was the biggest turnout ever, with 100+ Poms in costume. That means that a whole lotta Poms had a whole lotta of fun and a super-great bonding experience with their humans, and brought smiles to thousands of other Poms and their humans... And that is what it's all about. 
The 2017 Pomeranian Halloween Costume Contest
Contestants are shown in the order in which we received the nominations

There were 100+ Poms
Please note: We have disabled the 'autoplay' feature, so that everyone can look through the Poms at their own pace. And, due to mobile phone screen size, these photos are best viewed on a tablet or computer. 
If your Pom won a category, keep an eye out for an email from us!
Drum roll, please....

And the winners are:
Pomeranian winner - Pope Costume
This is 5 year old Charlie, dressed as The Pope! His human is Dawn Legg. Congratulations!

Pom 1st Runner Up - Minnie mouse costume
This is 1 year old Belle, dressed as Minnie Belle! Her human is Shannon C. Congratulations!

Pomeranian Ewok costume
This is 8 and 1/2 year old Tinkerbell, dressed as an Ewok! Her human is Kathy Dixon. Congratulations!

Beauty and Beast Pomeranian costume
This is 7 year old Cuzco, as Beauty and the Cuzco Beast! His human is The Orrego Family. Congratulations!

costume most befitting on Pomeranian
This is 10 month old Max, as a Super Hero! His human is Traci Owens. Congratulations!

most amusing Pomeranian costume
This is 6 and 1/2 year old Zeke, with his Buddy Chase, as Doggie Bags! Their human is Thomas Garcia. Congratulations!

Pomeranian joy - happy
This is almost 2 year old Kodiak Bear (Kodi), as Scrubby Bubble Bath Time Fun! His human is Joy Zomerdyke. Congratulations!

group winner Wizard of Oz Poms
This is 10 year old Bear, 2 year old Jersey, 4 year old Lilly, 2 year old Tucker, 10 year old Dennis, and 6 month old Sunshine as The Pomwizard of Oz! Their human is Sherrone Boudreau. Congratulations!

most elegant stance Pomeranian
This is 2 year old Bentley, as Superdog! His humans are Jim and Christina Whorton. Congratulations! 

Thanks again to everyone! It was a super-fun Halloween this year! Stick around and scan through the site, if you have a while! 
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