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The Best Toys for Pomeranians

The 5 Types of Toys Every Pom Needs

Rosie, photo courtesy of Denise Plentz


It's pretty amazing what a difference the right toys can make. 

If you think of toys as tools that are meant to meet an exact need that your Pomeranian has, you'll find that they can help in regard to an impressive number of things. A dog's behavior and even his level of security can be altered with the right help. 

You do not need to have a lot of toys; in fact, having too many can just create a big pile that is essentially ignored and it can make it hard for your Pomeranian to have access to the right ones.

So, what you will want to do is take some time to have a few carefully chosen toys that meet your Pom's exact needs. 

Here, we'll go over the 5 types of toys needed, and how these can benefit your Pom puppy or dog. 

#1 Chew Toys

Teething: When Pomeranian puppies are teething, this can be a rough time for the pup, and a desperate time for owners, as they search for ways to help. Teething, the process in which milk teeth fall out and adult teeth grow in, typically starts at the 4 to 5 month mark. It will last several months, often winding down at the 8 to 9 month mark.

During this time, a pup's gums are incredibly itchy and may feel sore as well. The urge to chew is exceedingly strong. Just about anything may be mouthed in a pup's search to find relief. So, now is the time to have a few great teething toys that do their job. 

Elements to look for in a good teething toy:
  • Correct size, so that sections of the toy can fit into a Pom puppy's mouth, which is not always easy for small toy breeds. 
  • A pliable yet durable consistency to provide a pleasing chewing experience.
  • It must draw the pup in. Flavor is an effective method for this.
  • And it must be designed in a way that the toy is able to 'scratch' the strong itch that a puppy will have. 
There are two main things to look for in this regard. Small nubs and/or ribs work very well. These are tiny little bumps that you'll see on the toy, which are fantastic for a teething pup. 

The other is twisted rope toys. Rope, when sized right, is terrific; it can be worked into areas that are giving the pup a problem at any one given moment, and the texture is great for itchy gums. 
Recommended Teething Toys: Nylabones are usually a good choice; some designs are extra small which will be sized correctly. At least one mini rope set is great to have as well. You may also find that the Kong teething sticks are appreciated. 

They can be found in size small; and while you can put Kong treats in the grooves, you'll find that putting peanut butter in the crevices works very well. 
Chew toys for all ages: The other type of chew toy is a more general toy, that is meant to please dogs of all ages. 

Often, if a Pomeranian puppy has found that his teething toys met his needs, and that chewing on them was enjoyable, wanting something to chew on can carry over to his adult years. 

This is a good thing, since he will already have the habit of looking to his toys for his chewing urges (and not your shoes or other belongings). 

Adult dogs will also chew just because it feels good to work their jaws, and it is generally a good way for canines to pass the time. Though there is much more needed, it is one aspect of taking care of the teeth.

You'll want some sturdy chew toys that have some pleasing aspects or elements that make them fun.

And while Pomeranians are not known for completely shredding apart toys, some are relatively strong chewers, and for that you will want to look to 'indestructible' dog toys that can really stand up to sharp teeth and enthusiastic play. 

One problem that you may have encountered in regard to finding indestructible toys for your Pom, is that many are great, but are sized much too large for this toy breed dog. Fortunately, there are a couple that are rather small, but exceptionally durable. 

Recommended chew toys: For basic chew toys, there are a few terrific ones that stand out.

One is the Crinkle Monkey by ZippyPaws. (This was one of our prizes for the Halloween Contest, 2016). These come in size small, and are still a good sized toy, but the arms and legs are the parts that fit into a Pom's mouth for lots of chewing fun. 

These are neat because there is crinkle paper inside the limbs. Other parts of the monkey have a squeaker and a rattle. These are well made and are very durable. ZippyPaws also makes crinkle butterflies, dragonflies, and other cute toys.

Another one that you may want to consider is Kong's low-stuffed dog toys. These can be found in extra-small, which makes them perfect for both puppies and adult Poms that love to chew. These are very durable, and also machine washable. 

Recommended toys for super strong chewers: If your Pom's teeth are like sharp little razors, and he's known for ripping things apart (even the durable toys as mentioned above), the next step would be to move to the Hurleys and for larger Poms, the Kongs. Again, the tricky part is finding ones small enough. 

The Hurley Guaranteed Tough Bone is a good choice, since this comes in size 'mini'. It is made in America and is 100% guaranteed to stand up. 

With Kongs, these are color coded and while it may look very plain, the black toys are designed for very aggressive chewers. Just about the smallest one that they have is the original Kong extreme in size small. 

This is meant for dogs up to 20 lbs. and would be appropriate for Pomeranians on the large end of the weight range, 9 pounds and up. 

#2 Toys to Keep a Pom Busy and Focused

Another important reason to make sure you have the best toys possible, is to help prevent boredom and to keep a Pomeranian engaged. 

These will be needed for several reasons:
  • To keep a Pom busy and focused when he's home alone by himself. 
  • These can be a great tool for if a Pom wakes up at night to offer something to play with instead of waking you up.
  • Are perfect when you want to keep your Pom busy when you are home, but are doing other things and cannot interact with him. 
The most important element for 'stay busy' toys are that they need to capture a dog's attention and hold it. In most cases, a toy that is just 'there' will not fit the bill.

You will want to look for toys that draw a dog in. And then keep him wanting to play. This can be accomplished with toys that a dog perceives are interacting with him. 

Recommended 'stay busy' toys: Dog toys that speak are really great for this. The babble balls are truly fantastic. There are two types, one lets out funny phrases such as 'Hot diggity dog!' and 'Hey, baby!'; you'll find that it's just about impossible for your Pomeranian to ignore this toy. 

There is another one as well, that lets out animal noises. This includes birds, frogs, pigs, goats and even the 'woof woof' of a dog. Both of these talking toys can be found in size small, which is great for Poms.

Other great speaking toys include the Multipet line; there are all sorts of animals including parrots, ducks, frogs, cows, and more that emit animal noises. 

*** We recommend having one or two for your Pom to have at all times, and then saving one or two that are only given when a Pomeranian is home alone. This way, the 'home alone' toys will be 'new' and keep him even more entertained. 

#3 Treat Release Toys

If you've had a bad experience with treat release toys for your Pomeranian, most likely this was because the toy was huge. Many of these are designed for medium and large sized dogs. However, there are a few great ones that are more appropriate for toy sized breeds.

Treat release toys are really terrific for a couple of reasons:
  • To keep a puppy occupied if he wakes up during the night or super early in the morning.
It can be hard for pups to sleep through the night during the first couple of months; in some cases, if they have a small treat dispensing toy, this can keep them happy for quite a while (though companion toys work great too, and we'll touch on those ahead).
Pomeranians need to be fed 2 to 3 meals per day. And while you can leave food out in a bowl if you will be gone during a feeding time, another great option is to use a treat dispensing toy. 
Tips for treat release toys for your Pom: You can fill these with either your Pom's dry kibble or small sized treats. If you find that your puppy or dog is able to release the food much too quickly, you can mix the dry bits of kibble or treats with all-natural, smooth peanut butter. Most dogs love this.

Be sure to use a bottle brush to clean these toys out every other day or so, since bits of leftover food can become stale and quite stinky. 

Recommended treat dispensing toys for Poms: The tricky part of this is to find ones that are the right size for this breed. A huge majority of these are for dogs up to 20 lb.s. Luckily, the PetSafe Busy Buddy Barnacle Dog Toy, Extra Small exists; they really hit the mark on this one, offering an extra-small size that dispenses treats perfectly. 

#4 Companion Toys

It's really heartbreaking to leave a Pomeranian home alone if you know that he has a hard time with separation anxiety. And while there are many steps involved in helping a dog cope with being alone, part of this is to remove the feelings of isolation via a companion toy.

In addition, this sort of toy is perfect for young puppies that are having a hard time at night, often crying or whining because they don't want to be alone.

But, the right toy can make a Pomeranian feel as if he truly has a real friend right keeping him company. With these, your Pom will never be alone again; he'll always have a source of security and comfort. 

Our recommended companion toys: By far, the Smart Pet Snuggle Pup is one of the best companion toys that you'll find. 

These are quite amazing. They are good sized, quality stuffed animals that are great for snuggling with. Importantly, they emit a rhythmic, soothing heartbeat that realistically mimics a living creature. 

And, there is an option to turn on a comforting warmth, which is a fantastic bonus.

You'll find that these toys essentially last forever, because you can obtain replacement hearts (these typically last for years, so you may never have to replace the heart) and purchase heating elements as needed. 

#5 Toys for Both of You

Pomeranians bond super close with their humans, and will want to be active with them as much as possible. Playing together is also a great way to increase the bond between the two of you. 

There are 3 main types of toys for this:

1. Engaging in a game of fetch or 'hide n' seek' will always be appreciated. For that, the only thing needed is a fun toy that is sized small enough for a Pom to mouth it (and you enthusiastic participation).

2. A puzzle game is a fantastic choice if you want to do an activity that encourages bonding while increasing your dog's self-confidence level.

Dogs love to be challenged and to flex their brain muscles, and it can really make a dog feel good about himself when you teach him how to nose levels and paw buttons in order to release a tasty treat. 

3. Agility/obedience training. The Pomeranian breed in general is great at weave poles, tunnels, and other agility tasks. You can check with your local SPCA to see if they offer classes for this. Or, you may want to try out a few at home. 

The tunnel is always a great place to start. Most dogs will zoom through with your encouragement (and a treat) waiting at other end. And if a dog finds that it was fun, he'll want to keep repeating it. 

Toy Tips

Here's some tips that can help out in a number of ways:

1) Rotate your Pom's toys. If you buy some of the better toys that last quite a while, that is great; but, it also means that your Pomeranian will keep seeing the same toys over and over again. Though he may love to have a couple of favorites near him at all times, it can be a good idea to have 2 toys bins.

Every few weeks, switch them out, and this way your Pom will keep getting 'new' toys. Do, however, keep those  'favorites' as a Pom can become very attached to a certain toy and can become upset if it suddenly goes missing.

2) Routinely check the toys to see if there is enough wear and tear that the toy could present a choking hazard and needs to be thrown out.

3) As your Pomeranian matures, his toys needs will change. So, do a toy assessment every so often, looking at the 5 main types of toys here, to see if he's in need of a toy element that he is not currently receiving. 

With toys designed to meet the needs of chewers, teethers, dogs that are bored, those needing encouragement to play, those feeling lonely when home alone, and those in need of both physical and mental stimulation,  the right toys can help with all of these elements. 
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