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Toys for Pomeranians

toys for Pomeranians
Teething Toys

It can be very frustrating for dog owners to have puppies that are teething; not only do most dogs try to chew on just about everything except the kitchen sink leaving a wake of destroyed household items, but it is also sad to know that your puppy is suffering during this difficult time. A dog will chew and gnaw on anything that he can, in an attempt to dull the pain that he is in. 

Many of our PetPom Members have asked our recommendation for dog toys. One must keep in mind that anyone can create a cheap plastic object and call it a dog toy; this is not what your little one needs. And cheap toys not only have pieces that can fray off, they can also be made of cheap materials that hold chemicals.
A loving owner must be careful to choose quality toys that not only look fun, but are fun. You will want a toy that not only will keep your Pomeranian amused, but that are designed with teething in mind. Some teething toys are ones that can be frozen, so that as your puppy chews, the cold can numb the gums and lessen the pain. Some toys are simply able to be put in the freezer.

The best ones will be made of sturdy materials that are safe (no coloring that contains chemicals), be made of particular textures that feel good on itchy gums, be sized correctly for this breed and also be shaped in such a way that a puppy can easily manipulate the toy parts onto areas inside of his small mouth where he most needs relief.

And never underestimate the power of the ice cube! Placing an ice cube on a slippery floor will keep you puppy amused and sooth those gums. If you want to add some flavoring, add low-salt chicken broth or 100% real apple juice to water and then freeze in ice cube trays. 
Pomeranian Toys for Boredom and Anxiety

It is important to choose the best toys, as they are vital when trying to help your Pomeranian cope with separation anxiety and learning to be home alone when they cannot be with you. Boredom and the stress of waiting for you to arrive back home to them can cause your Pom to chew nervously on just about any item that he can find. It is a stress relieving behavior and it can be resolved, in part, by offering the proper objects to chew on. 

There are two types of great toys for this time:

1) Toys that encourage independent play. If a Pomeranian does not have a particular urge to chew, he will need a reason to show some interest in a certain toy. 
If not, it will just sit there on the floor and not doing your Pom any good at all. Therefore, the best toys for when your Pom is by himself will have an element that draws his interest and keeps him focused. This can be done with one or all of the following:
  • Colors - Dogs need super bright colors to really focus in on a toy
  • Textures - A variance of different textures on one toy often causes a dog to become curious
  • The tease of a treat - Treat release toys are some of the best types of toys since they hold a 'treasure' that is given once the Pom puts some effort into working for it
It is very important that the ones you choose are of high quality so that they last and you can feel safe that no pieces will break off when you are not there to assist.
comfort toys for Pomeranian
2) Soothing toys. When a dog of any age is home alone in a silent home without any other living beings with him, he will fare far better if he feels as if he is not so isolated. 

Therefore, the best toys in regard to times that your Pom is alone will be those that offer an element of comfort. Poms love a good sized, soft and cozy stuffed toy that emits a peaceful, soothing heartbeat. This offers a sense of security and companionship and for many, they start to either mother the toy (if an older Pom) or look to it as a mothering source (if a young puppy).
If you are not sure which toys are best for your Pom, visit the Recommended Toy Section in the Pomeranian Specialty Shoppe
Dispensers and Boxes

Dispensers work brilliantly when you must leave your Pomeranian home alone for several hours; however do keep in mind that it is not for every budget. While it will keep a dog interested and busy while you are away, toy boxes are also a great method for your Pom to have a special place to "hide" and keep his special favorites. It is important for all dogs to know that their toys are their own personal property and that they can depend and rely on where to find them.

If you do not have the means to keep buying new toys, it is recommended to keep 2 different boxes of them. Only allow your pup to play with one set at a time. Then, when he seems to become tired of the "same old toys", bring out the 2nd box and put away the 1st one.

You can keep rotating them like this and your Pomeranian will always feel as if he has new toys. Do, however, keep the 'favorites' as a Pom can become very attached to a favorite toy and can become upset if it suddenly goes missing. 
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Playing with Your Pom... Get in on the fun!

One of the best ways that you can spend time with your Pom is interactive play and offering bonding and stimulation is part of offering proper care. There are some really great toys that are meant for owner and dog to play with together. It's so much fun to spend time together this way and there are so many benefits! Playing and having fun together creates a wonderful bond, it keeps your Pom busy which helps reduce the boredom and destructive behavior during "down" times...and these types of toy literally make your dog smarter....
bonding toys for Pomeranian
If you would like to see some great ideas for games that you can play with your Pom, visit the Toys- Owner & Poms Together section, in the Pomeranian Specialty Shoppe.
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