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 Pomeranian Personality 

All About Pomeranians...

This website is dedicated to the Pomeranian breed and we strive to continually bring you all of the information that you need...Whether you are just in the process of thinking about obtaining a puppy..Or is you already have 1, 2, 3 or more!

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Why Temperament is Important

If you are reading this, there are 2 main reasons why you may be here... 1: You have a Pom already and you are wondering how his personality compares to others... OR 2: You are thinking about bringing one of these balls of fluff into your life and you are wondering if this is the breed for you.
Pomeranian making cute face
Luckily, we have the answers for you regarding Pomeranian personality. We will be able to give you a general overview of the breed standard...This is important, because certain qualities are actually inbred into the breed's bloodline and it is rare for a dog to stray outside of what is now inbred behavior.

We also have detailed information straight from owners, done through a poll, so that you will be able to read about first hand experiences and what Pom owners have to say about their dog's personality. It's a great way to compare your pup or dog to others...perhaps you will find that you are not alone!

So get ready to find out all about this amazing, beautiful, cuddle filled, fluffy breed...
Pomeranian wearing sunglasses

General Pomeranian Personality

Each dog breed is known for having certain traits. With all of the selective breeding that has been done, most purebred dogs are known for particular behaviors. For example, some breeds (especially medium to large ones, have been breed to be be actively aware of their surroundings to make for great watch dogs).

Many dogs that look similar to the Pomeranian originated from the same German Spitz dog.

Once groupings were split off and programs were introduced to refine and develop particular traits, they took different directions.
Some were used as sled dogs and others, like the Pom, were bred to be companion lap dogs.

What does this mean? Does this mean that Poms will only want to sit in your lap? They will at some times, but it means more than this...

It is a term that is used to describe their basic demeanor and the way in which the dogs think and behave as a general rule... Instincts that have been bred into the dog and kept strong through a goal of betterment of the breed....

A lap dog is a breed that is known for being an inside dog. They are not well prepared or have the instinct to survive on their own. They are not scavengers nor hunters. Since they depend on humans and are quite aware of that fact, this gives them the capacity to become extremely close with their owners...

They love human companionship...They love to cuddle...They love to be close to you (hence the lap dog term)....and they are expressive and show love to their human family members.  In general, Pomeranians are loyal, intelligent, eager to learn and high energy (particularly young ones!). Despite some myths or beliefs based on owning a boy or girl Pom in the past, in regard to male VS female Pomeranians, both do have the same traits and basic temperament. 
There are some stereotypes about toy and small dog breeds in regard to barking. Now, it should be noted that all dogs bark...and many have a solid reason for doing so. With this being said, the toy Pomeranian is not a "barker"...he or she does not bark any more than any other breed.

Therefore, they may bark at strangers, certain noises or disturbances....or to get attention....However, with proper training and socialization, this can be under control and not be an issue.

Puppies are very playful and can't seem to get enough attention! They love to jump around...follow their humans and while they sleep quite a bit, the other hours are spent playing and eating!
When they are given proper training, housebreaking is usually not an issue.

Older dogs will tend to be calmer...however they will generally be very close with that bond as strong as ever. They will be more independent (able to stay home alone while you are at work), but once you get home, be prepared to be showered with love...and to shower them right back. 
Some Poms can be shy, and other super outgoing; there are even some Pomeranian therapy dogs that visit new places and meet & greet new people on a regular basis, but most Poms fall in the middle. They will be friendly and playful with their humans, but will need some socialization to be comfortable around other people and other pets. 
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Straight From Owners

No matter how much you read about the general personality of the Pomeranian, each dog is unique and individual. Therefore, it can sometimes help to see what owners have to say about their dogs. (Chart A)
Pomeranian personality poll
While every dog is an individual these responses can give you a good idea of the overall personalty of the Pom and how he/she fits into the family dynamic.

It is clear that a close bond exists between owner and Pom.... 65% of owners bring their puppy or dog with them when they are running errands....and 58% sleep together at night.

This breed, while loving and caring, does take pride of ownership when it comes to their toys. They are prized possessions!

When asked if their dog was possessive of their belongings, 53% of owners replied "Yes!" 
And this is to be expected and completely normal. A puppy will become attached to a certain toy, blanket, etc....And this gives them comfort....It can make them calm when nervous or alone and can help them fall asleep better, etc. 
Intelligence is one of the general traits and those who have a Pom back this up....The majority have learned to preform tricks on command....with rolling over or fetching being the most common. The least common is sitting...and this may be due to the breed having a bit of a stubborn streak. It should be noted that with consistent training, sitting on command can certainly be taught.

In general, this breeds gets along well with children...while some very young or seniors have a certain tolerance level before they want to be alone for a while....63% of owners report that their dogs get along with kids very well...and 27% let us know that while their dog does play nicely, after a while they have had enough of the noise and commotion and tend to want to retreat away after a while (charted under 'sometimes'). 
Pomeranian personalty chart B
One of the most telling of all questions regarding Pomeranian personality comes to us when we asked owners to describe their dog's personality in just 1 word (Chart B) ! 29% chose Playful....28% chose Silly....and 22% chose Affectionate. Only 10% chose Shy...and a teeny tiny 1% chose Lazy....So this tells a lot ! 
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