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Pomeranian Breeders

Hi! We know how difficult it is to locate a trusted, experienced Pomeranian puppy breeder. You really want to buy a cute little Pom...You've got a bunch of love to give out....But where do you find a puppy that comes from someone reputable? And how can you be sure that the Pom puppy is healthy, is properly registered, and was bred and raised correctly?

Your experience of choosing a Pom puppy should be fun and exciting! For this reason, we have an Exclusive List of AKC Pomeranian Breeders. *NO ONE CAN SIMPLY PAY MONEY TO BE LISTED HERE*  

Our list is short for a reason. Only small at-home breeders whom have been extensively interviewed and have passed our very picky checklist are listed here. In that process, we have gotten to know these breeders and consider them to be highly respected friends. Is this different than how other sources offer listings? You bet! And we wouldn't have it any other way. 

You can be sure that the following breeders are experienced, loving, ethical, and have unwavering devotion for the Pomeranian breed. 

If you live in a state in which a breeder is not listed, we would suggest that you look to a state that borders you. Some will drive to meet you halfway or make other arrangements to make sure that your puppy arrives to you safely. 

Have fun looking for your puppy and when you do bring home your little bundle of fur, please be sure to send us a photo and let us know which breeder you connected with!

*** PLEASE NOTE: There are some breeders who are falsely stating on their websites that they are 'PetPom's Recommended Breeders'. Please look here to see if they are listed. If they are not here, this means we do NOT endorse them or even know them~!
Disclaimer: We have worked very hard to list breeders whom we have found to be very reputable, experienced, and loving. However, this is in no way to be interpreted as any sort of guarantee regarding any particular puppy or in regard to correspondence, business dealings, or experiences that you may have once you leave our site and visit a recommended breeder. 

North Alabama Pomeranian Breeder

Alabama, North


~~Temperament, Color, Coat and so much much more!!!~~ For 20 years and counting Pomeranians have been the fantastic little dogs that fill a space in my heart that is all their own. Adults in our breeding program have been carefully selected so we can have a wide color range while remaining a small breeder. 

My exotic colors including White, Black, Parti, Merle Parti, Chocolate & Tan, Black & Tan, Tri-Colored, and Tri-Colored Merle, and Wolf Sable to name a few. My Poms have Champion Bloodlines, beautiful faces, plush coats, and personalities to last for a lifetime.

All my puppies are born into my hands and are raised with me here in my home. They are puppy pad trained, vaccinated, wormed, socialized with cats and other dogs, temperament tested, and well socialized. Never caged, and always loved! My babies come pre-spoiled from my home to yours, not from a kennel environment.

I strive to match the new owner(s) with the right dog for them. Full support is available for anyone who has a dog from me. Puppies who are 8 weeks or older go to their new Forever Homes with a check list, a puppy packet, health records, and more. Almost all my babies are placed with a spay/neuter agreement, and have their health guaranteed. Questions are always welcome. 

Occasionally I do rescue-type work. In those cases dogs I did not raise, who are often adults, are available. 

Does your dream Pom await you at Keen Pomeranians? Ask me and we can find out! Thanks! ~Carol
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Arizona Pomeranian Breeder



AKC Pomeranian Puppies Lovingly Raised From Our Family To Yours. Specializing In Rare & Exotic Colors Including: Blue, Blue & Tan, Blue Sable, Blue Merle, Chocolate, Chocolate & Tan, Chocolate Sable, Chocolate Merle, Beaver, Beaver & Tan, Orange, Orange Sable, Sable Merle, Cream Dilute, Red, Red Sable, Red Merle, Lavender, Lavender Merle, Lavender & Tan, Black, Black & Tan and Parti Poms!

All have Champion Bloodlines and lots of color in their pedigrees.

All of my newborns are whelped in my bedroom with me right there from start to finish helping bring them into the world and are raised with my family making them healthy, happy, lovable and well socialized Poms! 

Vaccinations and wormings are always up to date and AKC Registration and Pedigrees are provided to our new puppy parents as well as a puppy care sheet and vaccination schedule/record. The majority of our babies are picked up; we now only ship breeding prospects, pets need to be picked up in person. ~ Bridget
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California, Northern -  
Paragon Pomeranians

I have been raising Pomeranians since 2006. My passion is to produce Pomeranians that are as close to the AKC standard as possible and are well socialized, healthy, and free of any genetic problems. I want my Pomeranians to provide years of love and devotion to their new families.

The back half of my house is home to my Pomeranians. Babies are born and raised there. Adults live inside with outside access to a fenced play/exercise yard. I have a mini agility course, paddling pool, and lots of shade for the summer months. The puppies have supervised play outside with the adults when old enough.

I am also a professional dog trainer and am always happy to give training advice to my Pomeranian's families if needed.

Puppies come with a puppy pack, health guarantee, shot and worming records, and limited AKC registration application.

Please visit my website for lots of pictures and more information about me and my Pomeranians. I do require a phone interview before I will place any of my Pomeranians with a new family.


Lindsey Fennell
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707 279-4199

North Alabama Pomeranian Breeder


Pomarazzi Pomeranian

Welcome to Pomarazzi Pomeranian, "Where stars are born".  I strive to breed exquisite exotic color Pomeranians; I breed to AKC standard specializing in rare & exotic colors & blue eyes! Colors include: Blue Merle, Blue, Blue Tri, Chocolate, Lavenders, Blacks & Parti. 

I am a small in-home breeder & only have a few select litters a year.  All of my pups are born and raised in my home & have their own puppy nursery. I am with mom and babies every step of the way. We are NOT A KENNEL & have NO CAGES!

I take great pride in my dogs & strive to breed the very best, loving, beautiful exotic fur babies possible.

All my pups have a 1 year health guarantee, are vet checked, are current on all vaccinations & worming and are pee pad trained. Most of my pups will be sold on a spay/neuter contract & are not available for sale until they are 10-12 weeks of age. They will go to their forever homes with a puppy pack, food, toys, treats, health record, a piece of their baby blanket & lots of literature about Poms. 

I strive to match the new family with the right Pomeranian puppy for them, and love to keep in contact with all previous puppy buyers via-e-mail & get pics of the babies as they grow! (Thank you! Love it!!) I am always available for any questions you may have & welcome everyone to come and visit me & my pack! 

Please call me, email or check out my website. Thank you so much for your interest in my beautiful babies! ~ Lora.  
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Michigan Pomeranian Breeder

Michigan (lower)-


Magix’z Pomeranians is located in the thumb of Michigan. I am a member in good standing with the Michigan Pomeranian Club and American Pomeranian Club. I have achieved membership in the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Program for advancing my education and desire to maintain the integrity of the breed I love so much. 

I strive for the puppies to meet the AKC standard and perform well not only in the show ring but also in performance events, while foremost being loved pets. 

All of my Poms live in my home underfoot and have their own private entrance to my fenced yard, with an agility course to train on in my side yard. 

The pups are born and raised in my home with 24/7 care and evaluated by me and my veterinarian when they turn 9 weeks old. At that time, I usually make a decision of who will be available to pet homes with limited AKC registration spay/neuter required.

I wait this long so that I may give perspective new families the most accurate information on the puppy they are interested in and in turn place them with the family that best matches the pup’s personality and activity level. 

I get to know the families well, because the decision I make in the short time I get to spend with them determines the life they will have. They usually are ready to leave at 12 weeks of age after they receive their 2nd vaccine. 

All puppies must be picked up in person, and come with their care package that I custom make for them. I never ship and love placing my pups in the hands of their new family. I do occasionally travel out of state to shows and would consider delivery. 

I am a stay/work from home Pom owner and exhibitor and look forward to getting to know you if you are interested in adding a puppy from me to your family. 

The best way to contact me is via my website or email below; I prefer communication this way initially because I often have difficulty hearing over the phone and it hard to answer questions when I do not hear properly. But you prefer, are welcome to call me.~ Trish
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Upper Michigan Pomeranian Breeder

Michigan (upper)-


If you are looking for your perfect little fluff ball, look to Mattila Poms. We are a small breeder of quality AKC registered Pomeranians. We work very hard and are dedicated to bettering the breed. 

We breed selectively to produce the perfect tiny & healthy Pomeranian, specializing in white, cream, red, sable, and the occasional traditional orange colored Pomeranian.

All of our Poms get all the attention and love they deserve! They are all our little angels. All of our puppies come with full AKC registration, a health guarantee, and are vaccinated, wormed, and vet checked before going to their new home.

They are born and raised in our home with lots of TLC and we make sure they are all very well socialized, with people of all ages- maybe a tad spoiled. 

We want our puppies to go to good loving homes where they will get the love they need. You are always welcome to come to our home to see and pick up your puppy. 

We are located in Upper Michigan near the Wisconsin border. We are also willing to meet at a location closer to you. We like to meet the new parents and feel it's important for you to see where your puppy is coming from.

Mattila Poms is unwavering in our goal to ensure every Pom is loved to the fullest, in a safe and happy home. For this reason, we have a lifetime return policy, so that each Pom will always be taken care of no matter what may occur in life. 

You can email us to be notified of upcoming litters. We'd love to hear from you to talk about the Pomeranian that you envision and how we can help you have your perfect puppy. ~ Violette
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10,000 Lakes Pomeranians
10,000 Lakes Pomeranians is located in Northern Minnesota, on our 125 acres of river front property. All of our puppies are family raised with lot of TLC in a loving family environment.​ Our Poms are spoiled, happy, and healthy. They share our home with us and live indoors with plenty of exercise and playtime. 

It is our goal to raise Pomeranians of the highest quality, type, and soundness according to the American Kennel Club.​

We strive for soundness in health and conformation, breeding only selected individuals whose qualities will contribute to the betterment of the breed. All of our dogs are AKC registered, come from champion lines, and have wonderful pedigrees.

We do not have a large kennel but what we have is of quality. Visitors are always welcome with some advanced notice.
We do not sell our Pomeranians to large kennels or puppy mills. I sell my puppies with a strict neuter/spay contract; full AKC registration is available to approved homes only.

Please browse around our website and enjoy the Poms as we do. Contact us with any Pomeranian question you may have or if you are interested in a Pomeranian puppy. If you email us, please tell us a little about yourself and the home you have to offer our little Pom loved ones.
~ Sincerely, Anna
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North Carolina

Chelane's Pomeranians 

I specialize in parti and parti-factored in a variety of exotic colors. A member of the American Pomeranian Club (APC), we breed strictly to the AKC standard using only happy and genetically sound, healthy parents to produce top-notch, healthy puppies with great temperaments and loving personalities.

All of our poms get lots and lots of exercise with plenty of room to run and play, and the best in veterinarian care. Striving for quality rather than quantity, we have produced a number of champions from our own breeding program. 

Our puppy nursery provides the best in care for our moms and their babies, as well as early paper training from the time the puppies can waddle out of their sherpa beds. All pet quality puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts with AKC limited registration unless the new owner opts to purchase their puppy at a reduced price with no registration papers.

As recommended by the APC, puppies are not available for sale until they are 10-12 weeks of age. When a Chelanes puppy is sold, he or she has been well socialized and paper-trained, and has received their first set of puppy shots with a “well puppy check” by our veterinarian.

I live in North Carolina and my son lives in Ohio; since I visit him quite often, I am able to deliver Pom puppies to those in Ohio. ~ Elaine
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North Carolina

MSD Pups 2 LUV

We are a small at-home Pomeranian breeder in North Carolina and at MSD Pups 2 Luv our pups are our passion. 

Our Pomeranian puppies have super personalities, gorgeous coats, and sweet faces. They are current on vaccinations and worming and their dew claws are typically removed. 

Our Pom puppies go to their new homes with a handmade blanket, special toy, medial record, and contract.

Socialization is very important, so you'll be happy to know that your new Pom pup will have a great head-start on this; they play with children and cats as well as other dogs.

We have up to a three year health guarantee and we never ship or use cages. 

We only have a few litters each year. And if you'd like to see which Poms are available, we prefer sending photos and video clips directly to you. Visit our site to learn about this and more. We love talking about our sweet puppies and look forward to talking to you soon!  ~ Linda
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South Texas Pomeranian Breeder

Texas - South

The Bomb Poms

**Got COAT?** Champion Bloodlines **Baby Doll Faces?**A+ Personality**Health Guarantee?** We Do! No cages, No Kennels! Our Fur Kids are raised in our home with our family on 2 acres. 

We breed for the Health, Personality & Confirmation according to the AKC standard. We carefully plan every litter, choosing healthy beautiful adults who will pass along desired results in their offspring.

Puppies are secure, happy, and confident around people. All puppies are started on wee pads, to make it easier for you to potty train them. They are vet checked before they leave with you. All pups are current on all vaccinations & worming.

All puppies go home with: A puppy pack of food, wee pads, toys, CD of pics & video, health record, Hypo just in case kit, instructions to keep your Pom healthy, and written 1 year guarantee. 

See my website for TONS of pictures, videos, & information. We want to help find the right match for each of our puppies, connect people with their dream companion & make it a match for life! So please have a look, we can help you find that special Pom. Make your dreams come true!! ~ Doniqua
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North Texas Pomeranian Breeder - Puppy

Texas- North

LaRoseMar's Cuties

I breed AKC Pomeranian puppies who are lovingly raised and socialized. Our high quality Poms are bred for temperament as well as quality. Do you have a color in mind? I have all colors! 

Each puppy comes with a health guarantee, care instructions, health record, first booster, all puppy wormings, food and house training tips. All questions before and after adoption are happily answered. I offer lifetime support. The joy in my life is raising these precious babies.

I take the care of my Poms very seriously and want to see them as happy with you as they are with me. I am located 25 minutes south of Fort Worth Texas, in Alvarado. 

Shipping is available within the US and Canada, as long as my Vet and I determine that the puppy is able to happily handle the flight. Contact me for more information...and so that we can get to know each other to see which puppy would be a perfect fit for you. ~ Debbie  
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Are you a Pomeranian Breeder?

Are you are a small at-home Pomeranian breeder and would like to be considered as a Recommended Breeder on this site? If so, please introduce yourself via email to: to say hello & tell us about yourself. Please include a link to your website. We'll then start the interview process. 

Locating a Reputable Pomeranian Breeder Outside of the US:

The person you select should be just as interested about you as you are about them and the puppies. If you are asked a lot of questions about your past experience as a dog owner, what you know of the breed and your home environment, this is a good sign. If you are asked for personal references, this is even a better sign... the seller cares about their puppies and wants to make sure that they go to good and loving homes. Look for the following:

    * A health guarantee for genetic disease is very important. There should be documentation that states that the breeder will replace or take back a puppy with genetic health issues (within a certain amount of allotted time). In most contracts, you will be asked to bring your new puppy (usually within 48 hours) to your own veterinarian. 

    * While no one wants to "make a return", sometimes events lead to this such as a sudden move to an apartment that does not allow dogs, etc. It is a plus if you are asked to make any return to them...this ensures that dog is never surrendered to a shelter.

    * You will be looking for a safe, clean and happy environment. This may be, and commonly is, a part of their home. They will have gated areas for the dogs to exercise and socialize with each other, they will have clean facilities, dogs will be inside the home to receive hands on care and socialization skills, they will have stocks of a high quality dog food and all that is needed to properly care for them in an environment that is healthy and happy.

    * Think about the type of registration you wish to have for your dog. In the States, AKC is considered the optimal registration. If you are not planning on showing your dog, you may not need AKC registration. Those with AKC are inspected each year and follow strict guidelines to ensure the health of the dogs. However, for family do not need this or whichever dog registration your country offers that is considered "the best". Many will give you the option of which type of registration you wish for.

    * Health screening done for both sire and dam before allowing the dogs to mate and have puppies. These tests check for certain hereditary issues; a dog can be healthy but carry genes for genetic diseases that can be passed down to litters. Ask if testing was done and ask to see the paper work for this.

   * A Pomeranian breeder should have experience and knowledge to fully understand the complex colors...and carefully select the pairing of dogs to produce desired colors.

    * 1st shots and deworming is vital. You should be provided with full health records.
    * There should be full support after the sale... a great breeder will be happy to answer questions should any issues arise.
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