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Slings, Carriers & Carry Bags for Pomeranians

The Best Ways to Bring Your Pomeranian with You

When you want to bring your Pom along with you to run errands or explore a certain place, there's some great options and methods of keeping your Pom with you. 

While you can of course, keep your Pom on harness and leash, for short outings, since this breed is a toy breed and really can't keep up with lots of walking, there's plenty of times that you'll find a sling, carry bag or even a stroller to be super beneficial.

Some examples of when walking beside you may be too much include:
  • Going to the mall
  • Walking around a lake, large outdoor park or recreational area
  • When on vacation, if you'll be doing lots of walking
  • Dashing in and out of lots of stores, when finding an easy way to quickly keep your Pom with you would make life easier
  • Shopping when you know you'll need your hands free and holding a leash would be a nuisance
  • Any place where there will be a crowd and having your dog walking down below near everyone's feet is just too risky

Extra Benefits of Slings, Carry Bags and Strollers

While carrying your Pom using one of these methods has obvious benefits, there's another one that many owners don't automatically thing about: You know those signs that say 'No pets allowed'? Many can be ignored if a small dog like the Pom is in a carrier or stroller. 

In fact, most store managers won't even notice and many store employees won't say a word, other than to compliment you on how cute your Pom is. 


Slings are a fantastic way to carry your Pom with you when you're on the go, want your hands free and like having him right by your side. These are really easy to use because there's no buckles, Velcro or belts to fuss with. 

It only takes seconds to both put a Pom in and take him out. Essentially, these are crafted to be curved, holding a small dog in a hammock type design. The weight of the Pom keeps them in nice and safe and the strap goes over your shoulder (we recommend wearing it criss-crossed). 

Many Poms love being in a carry sling, because the rhythmic motion of their human walking creates a soothing, lulling feeling. So, if your Pom is normally quite wiggly, you may find that he stays nice and relaxed when in a sling.

Since these are made of sturdy fabric, these are really easy to fold up and tuck away when not in use or bring along with you for when your Pom gets too tired to walk anymore and you want to switch to a carrying method.

Below are our top recommended slings to carry your Pom:*** if images do not show, try a re-fresh. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all of the items. 

Carrier Bags

Carry bags are a different type of bag to carry a Pomeranian; these are a more structured design. These are similar to baby carriers. These have solid frames to provide support with openings for the legs. 

Many can be worn either on your back or on your front, depending on what type of activity you are doing and what works best for you.

These are a good choice if your Pom is a bit wiggly and you want him to stay very secure and are especially a good method if you'll be moving around a lot (hiking, etc.) and you want to know that your Pom will be secure against your body.

Another benefit to this sort of carrier for small dogs is that it's easy on you; if you have an adult or a Pom that is a bit larger than average, you'll like the straps that not only go straight over both of your shoulders (like a backpack), but some models also have a wide, adjustable belt that goes around your waist. In this way, the weight is distributed to make it more comfortable for you. 

Below are our top recommended carrier bags for small dogs like the Pomeranian:
*** If images do not show, try a re-fresh. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all of the items. 

Carrier Crates

Carrier crates for small breeds like the Pomeranian are most often used in one of two ways: When traveling via airplane (you'll need one that fits the very strict guidelines of the particular airline that you will be traveling on) and when having to contain your Pom in certain situations; the most common instance is if your Pom is ill and the veterinarian requests that he be brought to the clinic in a crate. 

This is a valid request, since some illness are communicable and this keeps all other pets safe (and you'd appreciate if other owners did the same with their dog). 

It should be noted that carrier crates should never be used for vehicle transportation. For that important element, you'll want to stick with a certified canine car seat

In addition, do not place your Pom in this as a method of 'crate training' or to keep him contained when you cannot keep an eye on him; for that you will want to place him in a gated off area or use a canine playpen.

Below are some great carrier crates that are perfect for Pomeranians:
*** If images do not show, try a re-fresh. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all of the items. 


Strollers are a great choice if you know that you have a lot of walking to do. Most dogs love being pushed in a stroller, since they can have a great view of what's going but also have the option of settling down when wanting to rest as well. 

If you'll be out for the day, you'll probably find that your Pomeranian easily takes a nap in his stroller when he's tired. 

There are great for keeping a Pom out of the sun on hot, summer days as well. You'll find that with your Pom in a stroller, there's plenty of room for some favorite toys, some treats and many also have compartments where you can bring along wipes, water, a leash, and other doggie supplies as well as having some room for your own personal belongings too. 

A great feature found with some of the best strollers are convertible coverings that allow you to zip up a mesh window (to block out mosquitoes, sun, etc.) or to leave down. 

Below are our favorite picks for strollers that are sized for small dogs like the Pom:
*** If images do not show, try a re-fresh. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all of the items. 
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