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Pomeranian Help

Where we answer all of your Pom questions!

Helping Pomeranian owners understand their Pom... When you have a Pom, you're lucky! You have one of the most incredible, beautiful dog breeds in all of the world...And you probably also have a lot of questions!

Below you will see a list of common "Why" questions that Pomeranian owners have. We have worked hard to answer the most typical questions.

But why stop there? After looking through the list of Q&A below, if you still need Pomeranian help in regard to behavior, quirks or other issues, you can fill out the form found at the bottom of this page. 

Every month or so, we will choose an entry to add here to our Help Section.

Behavior Questions

Why does my Pomeranian bark so much? Constant barking can frustrate the most patient of owners. Some may refer to this as yapping or yelping. Here we look at triggers that may cause a Pom to bark a lot and steps that you can take to calm him down as much as possible.
Why does my Pomeranian Growl? Many owners wonder about the personality traits and expected behavior of the Pomeranian breed when the puppy or dog begins to growl. This may be directed at the owner, at guests or at any triggers in general. We answer your questions about why a Pom may growl or even bare his teeth and things you can do in response.
Why does my Pomeranian Eat Poop? This can be disturbing for any owner to see and it can be very worrying when a Pom ingests dog poop - either his own or of another dog. This section answers your questions about why a Pom may eat feces and what you can do to stop it from happening.
Why does my Pomeranian follow me everywhere? Does your Pom puppy or dog behave as if he is scared to be away from your side? Does he stick right by you like a shadow? If so, this may make you concerned about how he does when you're not around. And you may have questions about how to help him gain a bit of Independence and self-confidence. 
Why does my Pomeranian hide under the bed? You want your Pomeranian to come out and play or at least cuddle with you. It may be time for a walk, feeding or grooming. So, why in the world is your Pom hiding as if he's afraid of either you or the world itself? This article will help you understand the answers to these questions and what you can do to help your puppy or older dog. 
Why is my Pomeranian licking so much? Is your little Pom a licking machine? It might be fun and cute to receive these types of canine 'kisses' at first, however excessive licking can become a huge issue. It can cause the Pom to develop sores and even fur loss. If you have questions about why dogs can become obsessive about licking and steps that you can take to break them of the habit, this article is for you.
My Pom loves chasing my cat - Since may cats are going to be bigger than a Pom, you may have questions about how these two different animals get along. And what can you do if your little Pomeranian finds it fun to chase your cat around and latch onto her tail?
Pomeranian sleeping habits - If you wonder how much a Pomeranian normally sleeps, if it is okay to allow your dog to sleep in your bed and any other sleep related questions, this is the section for you.
Why Pomeranians spin in circles - Does your Pom spin around so much that you wonder how he doesn't get dizzy? This helpful, insightful section discusses the reasons why a Pom puppy or dog may spin around.
Why is my Pomeranian staring at me? Sure, it's nice to be noticed; but does your Pom stare at you so intently that you just need to know why he's doing it and what he may be thinking? This article talks about all the reasons why a puppy or dog will stare right at you and how you should react when he does.
Pomeranians on boat
Audrey and Flynn, 5 & 2 years old
Photo courtesy of owners: Jeff and Lucy Thornton

Care Questions

How to choose the best car seat for a Pomeranian - Making sure that your puppy or dog is safe and secure while you are driving him/her in your car is of the utmost importance. Roughly 8% of owners keep their pets in their laps while driving and many others are using improper belts or seats. 

Since an accident will happen when you least expect it, you'll want to read this detailed article about how to keep your Pom safe.
Which toothpaste and toothbrush should I use for a Pomeranian? - Proper dental care can save a dog from pain and suffering and taking good care of the teeth can extend your dog's life span. At-home brushing of the teeth should begin when a Pom is a puppy, since decay can travel through milk teeth, affecting canines that have yet to emerge. 

Read about what makes a great paste and the elements you'll want to look for when choosing a toothbrush.
Things that Pomeranians Love  - A top ten list of the types of things Poms like the most. 

Health Related Questions

Why does my Pomeranian have bad breath? This breed is just too cute to have stinky breath! But it does happen. Here we go over the top reasons why a Pomeranian pup or older dog may have really bad breath and super helpful tips to get rid of the stink and make the breath clean and fresh.
Why is my Pomeranian hyperventilating? This is a very common question and this temporary yet troubling condition is not uncommon with the Pomeranian breed. 

It can be super scary when a dog suddenly begins to hyperventilate. The pup is breathing deeply, fast or struggling to get air. Learn why this happens and exactly what you can do to immediately help your Pomeranian.
How to Stop Pomeranian Itching and Scratching - There are 3 steps to this: Determine the root cause, take appropriate steps to resolve the trigger, and use treatments to offer quick relief. See exactly how to do this so that your Pom can be feeling better as soon as possible.  
Why does my Pomeranian keep coughing? Maybe its a dry hacking cough... Or maybe your Pomeranian sounds like he has a hair ball stuck in his throat. In any cases, it is common for owners to have questions about why a Pom may be constantly coughing. 

While some clearing of the throat is normal, there are some rather serious health issues that may be to blame. Let's look at the various reasons why a Pom may have a coughing problem, way to treat this from home and signs that it will be time for a vet visit.
Why does my Pomeranian keep throwing up? It can be scary to watch a little Pomeranian suffer with vomiting problems and due to his very small size, this breed can quickly become dehydrated due to a loss of fluids when sick in this way. 

It is important to know how to treat this from home and red flag signals that a Pom is in trouble and must be taken to the veterinarian right away. We look at treatment, prevention and symptoms that may point to a bigger problem. 
Why is my Pomeranian limping? Injury to the hips, legs or paws is not uncommon for this small, toy breed. This section covers common questions about why a Pom may limp. This includes other signs to look for, prevention and typical treatment options for limping. 
Pomeranian with leg up
Photo courtesy of owner: Aleksandra Jerkov
My Pomeranian is panting - This article discusses what triggers may cause a Pomeranian puppy or dog to begin panting. When it is normal and when it is not. Steps to take if your Pom pants but cannot stop and ways to allow your Pom to receive enough exercise without overdoing it.
Why do Pomeranians shake? Many people are aware that the Chihuahua breed is known to shake, but what about the Pom? Learn why a Pomeranian may shiver, shake and tremble and read advice to help your puppy or dog stop quivering.
Weight Issues - This breed can be underweight and have struggles in maintaining or gaining as he grows; yet the Pom can also carry a few extra pounds during adulthood or the senior years. This section discusses both types of weight issues and answers the most common questions to help an under or overweight Pomeranians.

Housebreaking Questions

Why is my Pomeranian peeing everywhere? You may have thought that you had housebreaking under control or maybe your puppy has struggled with this all along; but now the Pom is peeing everywhere in the house and it has to stop. 

Our advice will help you figure out why this is happening and what you can do to help your Pom stop and only go outside or on pee-pads.

Grooming Related Questions

Why does my Pomeranian have dandruff? If you see white or sliver flakes throughout your Pomeranian's coat, you may question if this is a problem of dandruff. And if so, what can you do about it? 

There may or may not be itching and in some cases there will be an odd smell. In this article we dive into the issue of dandruff on Poms and exact steps you can take to rid the coat of flaky, dry skin.
Why does my Pomeranain smell bad? If there is a foul odor coming from your Pom and you just can't figure out why, this article will help you learn what can make a Pomeranian smell bad and things you can do to make your dog smell fresh and clean all of the time.
What the best way to brush a Pomeranian? With such a thick coat and two layers of fur to contend with, it is important to know the best grooming techniques for this breed. Here we take a look at the best methods to brush out the coat.
Dewclaws - All about dewclaws, which are tiny when a Pom is a puppy but grow to be the equivalent of an extra appendage by the time a Pom matures into an adult. Read about the age that these are removed and care for the dewclaws if your Pomeranian is still retaining them.
What's the best shampoo for Pomeranians? With so many different brands and reviews saying each is the best, how do you know which one to choose? For optimal coat healthy, choosing the right products is important. Let's take a look at the best grooming products to use, why and where to find them. 

Appearance / Coat Questions

Why do Pomeranians look so different? There's only one Pomeranian breed, so why do Poms look so different? You may have a Pom and then see another owner with a dog that looks nothing like your own dog. The different ways that this breed can look makes this a very interesting dog to own and to admire when you see others. 

Read the answers to your questions about varying appearances of this breed along with accompanying photos.
Why does my Pomeranian have short hair? When you obtained your Pom you expected him or her to have a fabulous, thick coat. So, what went wrong? To answers your questions about this, we dive into each reason the coat may be short and some things that you can do via grooming and care to make the fur as healthy and long as can be.
How to help Pomeranian's fur and coat grow - This breed is so famous for his incredible coat. But what can you do if the fur is thin and is just not growing in as expected? This is a great article that answers all your questions about how to get the coat into tip-top shape and help it grow thick and luscious.
What is a throwback Pomeranian? Have you ever heard this term? Throwbacks are true purebreds but with a very different appearance. Learn the details of this, along with photos to help you truly understand what this terminology means.
Is it okay to shave a Pomeranian? - This look caught on for a while: shaving the coat down close to make the Pomeranian look like a stuffed animal of sorts. This sections discusses the ramifications of shaving down the fur for both young puppies and older adult dogs.

Puppy Specific 

Weaning a Pomeranian newborn puppy - This article looks at the delicate phase of weaning a Pom puppy from a liquid to a solid diet. It is important to do this the right way so that the digestive system has an opportunity to gradually accept and tolerate solid food.
Pom puppy at Christmas time
Abby, 10 months old
Photo courtesy of owners: Belinda & Allen Hood 


How much does a Pomeranian cost? Most purebred dogs are not cheap and many people need to budget not only for the purchase but also for care costs afterward. We take a look at the expected prices for purebred Pomeranian puppies and also how much it typically costs to provide needed care. 
Pomeranian Owner's Poll - This is a great section where you can read the answers of interesting questions about Poms from hundreds of readers who participated. We asked questions about behavior, color choices, registration, training issues and more.   
Facts about Pomeranians - This is a good overview of the Pomeranian breed. We look at tidbits and facts about the Pom for readers who may want to have a general understanding of the cutest toy breed in the world.
Teaching a Pomeranian puppy to sit - Out of all of the basic commands, this is the first one that should be taught; it is the foundation for all of the others. This step-by-step instructional article will show you exactly how to teach this with fast success.
Miniature Pomeranians - This article discusses the teacup, toy or miniature Poms, which are Pomeranians that are purposefully bred to be much smaller than the standard size and can have a slew of health issues.  
What is the care for a rescued Pomeranian? If you have adopted a Pom from a shelter and are wondering how to provide care that is specific for a dog that has endured trauma and/or neglect, you are not alone. 

This section covers all you need to know and answers your most pressing questions.
Traveling with your Pomeranian in a car - Not all dogs love to jump into a car and be taken for a ride. Many become claustrophobic and a large majority of dogs suffer from motion sickness. This can make getting from point A to point B really difficult. 

This helpful article goes over the details of cars and airplanes, with lots of tips to help make venturing out a more pleasant experience. 
Pomeranian Therapy Dogs - Meet Kody Bear, a super cute Pomeranian that works as a therapy dog in nursing homes, schools, and even an airport. 

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