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Choosing the Best Car Seat for a Pomeranian


It is very clear that having your puppy or dog sit in your lap while in the car is extremely dangerous. Many drivers do not ever think about the possibility of an accident until it happens. After all, that is why it is called an accident. It is an unplanned, negative event that causes damage and injury.

But what you can plan for is the safety of your Pomeranian by using the best car seat for this breed.

The Reasons a Car Seat is Must

1) 8% of owners do not use a car seat. Out of the remaining 92%, over half of those owners (55%) felt unsure if they were using the best seat possible or if they were using it in the right way.

2) Dogs that are unrestrained in the car will be thrown even with a slow-moving impact. With a vehicle that is traveling at 35 mph, an impact will have the following results:

A Pomeranian that weighs 5 pounds (2.26 kg) will be thrown with the force of a 225 pound object (102 kg) object. A Pom that weighs 10 lbs. (4.53 kg) will be thrown with force as if he is a 450 lb. (204 kg) object.

This can cause severe bodily injury including broken bones, fractured neck, severe internal injury to vital organs and brain damage. 

3) Improper canine car seats that are too large or those in which the Pomeranian is not properly fastened will bring about the same results.
Studies estimate that the puppy or dog will be thrown from the seat in any accident in which the car is traveling over 15 mph.

Elements of a Good Car Seat for Your Pomeranian

There are several qualities that the best canine seat will have that will all work together to keep your Pom safe and also to keep him happy.

1) Sizing - Car seats are available for all dog breed sizes from the smallest toy dog to the largest of the giant breeds (though they usually are secured with belts or a hammock). The Pomeranian, being one of the smaller toy breeds, should be in a seat specifically for toy breeds. 

Problems can arise if an owner borrows a previously used seat made for a medium breed or simply obtains a generic one.

If the seat is too large - even if the belt and buckles can be adjusted - this removes the safety barrier that the walling of the seat provides. 
While you will want there to be room for your Pomeranian's favorite toy and perhaps even a small blanket to keep him comfortable, you'll want a car seat that is specifically for his size.
2) Material and Comfort - The material that a car seat is made of will have a big impact on whether or not a puppy or dog tolerates it. You'll want a durable outer casing that is sturdy and inner padding that offers comfort to the entire body without being abrasive to the coat.

Those with padded foam work well and covers with cottons or other washable fabric are great so that you can keep it in good condition. 

Most quality car seats for Pomeranians will be made of environmentally friendly materials that are free of hard dyes and are made with Velcro strapping; this ensure that any chewing of the seat will not result in adverse effects of ingesting potentially allergy-causing elements.
Pomeranian in good car seat
Pippin (safe in a proper seat)
Photo courtesy of owner: Glenda Cohen
3) Height - While large dog breeds have the nice benefit of being big enough to stick their noses out of the window, the small Pomeranian must struggle against the feelings of confinement when safely seated in a car. This can be resolved by obtaining the proper booster seat.

A booster seat - and do make sure it is a safe one - will keep the Pom raised enough to see out of the window. This is so important to help the puppy or dog fight the common issue of motion sickness. When a dog's body is feeling one thing (movement) but his eyes are telling his brain something different (the inside of the car is not moving!) this causes a problem in the inner ear which can make a dog very ill with dizzying motion sickness. 

A dog may quickly develop a queasy stomach, vomit, become restless, whine and essentially suffer while the car is in motion.

When a Pom has a bad experience like this, it makes him far more likely to put up a fight the next time the owner wants or needs to take him for a drive.

Therefore, the best car seat for your Pomeranian will also have the element of being a booster seat so that your Pom's face can be closer to a window (opened to varying degrees according to speed and weather conditions). 
Pomeranian for blog
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Even once you obtain the right seat for your Pomeranian, these following tips may help make the riding experience safer and more tolerable.

1) If your car has a front passenger airbag that you cannot manually shut off, the safest place for your Pom's seat is in the back. Some owners choose to move the front passenger seat as far back as possible - and this may help to some degree since the airbag deploys from the dashboard. While meant to protect occupants of a car during an accident, an air bag shoots out in 1-30th of a second at an amazing speed of 200 mph (320 km/h), which can cause traumatic injuries if a dog is situated too close.

2) Even when in a great car seat that is just perfect for a Pom, most dogs cannot put up with long rides. There will be a tipping point at which a dog simply cannot take the confinement and motion any longer. The best thing to do, is to give your Pom a break before he reaches this point. 

Each dog is different, however for most, a break every 20 to 30 minutes is best. Find a safe area- away from traffic - where you can allow your Pomeranian to stretch his legs, go to the bathroom and have a nice drink of cool water and perhaps a small snack. 

3) If your Pom truly hates the car, having an excellent car seat will help. Additionally, you may need to help your Pom become accustomed to being driven. Start with small drives with your Pomeranian securely fastened in his seat. Offer a favorite toy and a small blanket (a baby's swaddling blanket works good in the car). For those that really put up a fuss, just go up and down the driveway. Over time, increase the distance to one time around the neighborhood. Then twice and so on, making each week a drive that lasts slightly longer. Most Poms do well when they are allowed to gradually get used to something.

4) The Danger of a Seat & a Collar - A canine car seat for toy breeds works by having a safety strap that is attached to the dog's collar or harness. NEVER attach it to your Pomeranian's collar. Even in the event of a small fender-bender, this can severely injure your Pom's neck. Always place a comfortable harness on your dog and then attach the seat's safety strap to that. 
If You Need Help Choosing the best car seat for your Pomeranian - If you are not happy with the seat that you are using or if your Pom does not tolerate it well, you may wish to look to 'Car Seats' in the Pomeranian Specialty Shoppe. There is a great list of the top recommended seats, along with reviews.
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