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Pomeranian Supplies


When you first bring a Pom puppy into your home, you'll need quite a few supplies. And then, as your Pom grows a bit, you'll find that you need a few more. Every so often, items will need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

In some cases, a Pomeranian may develop an issue (for example, separation anxiety, an increased need to chew or is having trouble with something such as his bowls), that requires finding new care items. 

And finally, changes in circumstances can call out for something new, such as if you're looking for a better method to bring your Pom out. 

Here, we'll look at a quick list of supplies most owners need to have on hand and then we'll dive into these a bit deeper so that you feel comfortable in choosing the right items. 

Pomeranian supply list:
  • Food and water bowls
  • Food and treats
  • Canine bed
  • Playpen or gates
  • Toys for all needs
  • Carry method (sling, carrier, and/or stroller)
  • Leash, collar, harness
  • ID Tag
  • Car seat
  • Clothing - particularly if you live in a place where it gets cold
  • Dental care items
  • Grooming supplies: Nail clipper or grinder, bathing products, coat care products, brushes, combs, mat remover
  • Supplements (for some Poms with certain issues)

Brushes and Grooming Tools

It will be near impossible for your Pom to look beautiful if you don't use the right grooming tools. And, you'll have to invest a bit of time as well; a Pomeranian should be brushed at least every other day. Read more about the best brushes and grooming tools for a Pomeranian

Food & Water Bowls

You'll want to be sure to have the right bowls for your Pom. Both the material and the size are important factors. As your Pom grows, he may need to go up a size. A good, quality bowl can last about 5 years before needing to be replaced. Read more about choosing the best bowl for a Pomeranian

Food & Treats

When you first bring a Pom puppy home, you should have on hand the exact same food that he was being fed up until that point so that there is not a sudden change. Having a 1-month supply is recommended.

However, soon you will need to decide which brand to offer. What a Pomeranian eats for his main meals will affect both his short and long term health. Read more about choosing the right food for a Pomeranian.
Also, treats are just as important. And treats serve several different purposes. You'll want some sized correctly to reward training (commands, housebreaking), some to give as snacks in between meals if needed and also a daily dental treat to help keep plaque away. Read more about choosing the best snacks for a Pomeranian

A Quality Canine Bed

In our Pomeranian Owner's Poll, about 38% of owners have their Pom sleep in their bed and 44% had a bed specifically for their Pom. And while this is a personal choice and of course nothing is better than cuddling, having a good canine bed is a needed supply no matter where your Pom sleeps. 
Quality beds offer specialized support that human beds cannot offer. And importantly, a Pom should have his own bed when he wants to take a nap, when he prefers to retreat and especially when home alone. Read more about choosing the right bed for a Pomeranian

Canine Playpen or Gates

There are some Poms that have free reign of an entire house, and never pee inside, chew things, get into trouble, or mind being by themselves. However, the majority of Poms will not be quite so perfect. And it really is not expected of them.

If your Pom cannot hold his needs while you are gone, chews things, tends to mouth things, gets into any sort of trouble when you are not keeping an eye on him or does not like to be home by himself, one of the best things you can do for him is to obtain the right type of canine playpen.

Read more about Pomeranian playpens


Toys are needed for Pomeranians of all ages, even seniors may find comfort with certain ones. Depending on how old your Pom is and what he needs are you may need:
  • Teething toys
  • Stay-busy toys
  • Chew toys
  • Learning toys
  • Companion toys
Read more about some of the best toys for a Pomeranian

Carry method

Being a toy breed dog, Pomeranian can only walk so far. So, there may be lots of occasions when you wish that there was something you could do other than hold your Pom in your arms. There's several great choices for this.

A sling allows you to keep your Pom against you, similar to a pocket book but made for small dogs. A carry bag will allow you to have your Pom up a bit higher, similar to baby carriers (these look a bit like backpacks) and a stroller is great for when you have a lot of walking to do and for when you're heading out on a hot summer day and want your Pom to be in the shade.
Read more about carriers for Pomeranians

Leash, Collar, Harness

Of course, when you take your Pom out for his daily walks, out for bathroom needs, etc., you'll need to have a leash and an accessory to attach that to.  You will find that a 6-foot or adjustable length leash works best for house training.

For the accessory, be very wary of using a collar. These can cause damage to the neck including collapsed trachea. Once this happens, you can never go back and made a different decision. Read more about choosing a collar or harness for a Pomeranian

ID Tags

Even if you cannot fathom that your Pom will ever get free, lost or run away, it's much better to be safe than sorry by having him wear an ID tag. In addition, many cities require that registered dogs wear an ID tag.

You'll want to choose one that is long-lasting and does not tarnish. For these reasons, stainless steel is a great choice. 

A Safe Car Seat

One of the best things you can do to keep your Pom safe is to buckle him up whenever you have him in the car. Accidents happen near constantly (27,000 every day!) and you have no control over other drivers or road conditions.  Having your Pom free in the car or on your lap as opposed to in a certified canine car seat can mean the difference between life and death. 

Read more about car seats for Pomeranians

A Few Quality Clothing Items

Being a toy breed, it is not uncommon for Poms to have a bit of trouble maintaining their core body temperature, especially during the wintertime. So, having a few well-fitting sweaters, vests or tops can help a Pom tolerate the weather. In addition, some Poms gain a sense of security when their have clothing on. Add to this the fact that they look adorable in clothes and it's a win-win. 
Read more about clothing for Pomeranians

At Home Dental Care Items

It's really important to brush your Pom's teeth on a regular basis. Dogs are no different than us; if their teeth are not cleaned, plaque builds up and this leads to decay (and then possibly infection and tooth loss). While chewing on toys can remove some buildup and dental treats do play a role, at home brushing is the best bet to protect your Pomeranian from tooth decay.

Choose a quality paste that is effective and tastes good to your puppy or dog (dogs swallow the paste), never use human paste (it is toxic) and have a proper canine toothbrush.

Grooming Supplies

With a super thick double coat, this breeds needs routine grooming. You'll want to be sure to brush the coat at least every other day to keep it clean and to help prevent tangles. You'll also want to take care to use the right products when you bathe your Pom. The shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spritz will all work together to keep the coat super healthy and looking great.

Supplements (only needed sometimes)

If your Pom does not have any issues and you are feeding him a 4 or 5 star food, you probably do not need to give him any supplements. However, if he has upset stomach issues, if a puppy has trouble gaining weight, if he displays coprophagia (eating feces - his own or that of another animal), or has any skin problems like dry skin, flaking, or peeling, or coat issues such as thinning fur, your veterinarian may recommend a nutritional supplement. 
There are also some that should be given to any Pom with previous joint issues, and for Poms 6+ years. 
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