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Clothes for Your Pomeranian


You may be surprised to know that clothing for dogs has been used since ancient times. In the days of King Henry VIII, dogs wore elaborate collars of silk and velvet. The first photo of a dog in a full clothing outfit was of a Bulldog dating back to 1900.

Now-a-days, clothing is quite popular, and in particular for toy sized breeds like the Pom. And while it can make a dog look really cute, it is for practical reasons as well. 

Here, we'll first look at some really adorable Pomeranians modeling their outfits, and then we'll take a look at some valid reasons for having a quality clothing pieces for your puppy or dog. 

Pomeranians Modeling Cute Outfits

Teddie, 1yr 4mo, photo courtesy of Amanda Miller
Chloe the Pomeranian in blue dress
Chloe & owner Karen in matching outfits
Photo courtesy of Karen Lee-Christian
Rylie, at 11 weeks old
Photo courtesy of Mike and Kaitlyn 
Ginger Marmalade, in Build-a-Bear clothes!
Photo courtesy of Marsha Center 
clothing for Pomeranians
(we do not know who submitted this to us, if this is your Pom, email us and let us know)
One of many cute Poms! Photo courtesy of Veronika J Uricko, a Pom breeder in Slovakia
Pooh, 1 year old, and just 2 lbs. 14 oz.
Photo courtesy of Tammie 
Molly, at 8 months old
Photo courtesy of Johnny Hallak
Photo courtesy of Marsha Center 
Kota, at 1/5 years old
Photo courtesy of Lydia May from Virginia
Chip, at 4 months old
Photo courtesy of Eileen Andrews
Tina, at 2. 5 years old
Photo courtesy of Bernadette Beaudreau
Fi Fi, at 11 months old, photo courtesy of Amanda
Pom puppy wearing cute shirt
Photo courtesy of Veronika Uricko 
Chloe, at 1 year old
Sporting a white sweater to stay warm in Northern Midwest Chicago
Photo courtesy of Karen 
Chyanne at 7 months and Sonja at 1 year old
Photo courtesy of Brittney Broers 
Bella, at 3 months, photo courtesy of Kathy
Maximus Hau Kea Kaupili
Photo courtesy of Rocelle Maliksi

Valid Reasons for Putting Clothing on Your Pomeranian

Already know why clothes can be so great? Jump right to Types of Clothing
#1 Honest valid reason: To make your Pom look cute. While there are more serious reasons to have a few quality pieces for your Pomeranian, as our models above have shown, Poms look absolutely adorable when wearing a shirt, dress, hat, or vest. 

Most Pomeranians love attention, and a great benefit to the cuteness factor is that the Pom will garner more smiles, pats, and compliments; and this always makes a dog happy. 

Many Poms love to be pampered, and spoiled, and dressing up your Pom in comfortable, good fitting pieces is a great way to offer some spoiling in a healthy way. 
#2 To help a Pomeranian tolerate outdoor elements. This, of course, is the practical reason for clothing. And it is very warranted for this breed.

Let's look at some reasons why clothing may be needed:

1. Pomeranians can indeed get cold. Though Pomeranians have a double coat of fur (dense inner layer and thick outer layer of guard hairs), this does not mean that a Pom will be invulnerable to the cold and harsh weather conditions.

Since they are a toy sized breed and have very little body fat, Poms can actually get chilled quite easily. 

This is particularly true for puppies, seniors, and Pomeranians that are on the lower end of the weigh range (6 lb.s and under). 

2. Intolerance can be towards all sorts of weather. Rain, sleet, snow, and even high winds can cause a dog to resist going outside and staying outside. 

3. Feeling uncomfortable can interfere with important elements. When a dog is resistant to being outside due to feeling uncomfortable, this can interfere with both housebreaking and with taking daily walks to meet important exercise requirements. 

House training is challenging enough without the added issue of a Pomeranian not wanting to say outside. Most puppies and even some older dogs need 5 to 15 minutes to sniff around for the 'perfect spot' and then for bladder and bowel muscles to relax. 

And in regard to outdoor exercise, if this is greatly reduced during bad weather, or for the full winter season, this can have quite a few negative effects. Dogs that are not taken out for purposeful walking can develop the canine equivalent of cabin fever.

This can lead to restless behavior and/or manifest as excessive barking, destructive chewing, or even depression. 

#3 To add a layer if a Pom is having a skin or coat issue. Such issues as allergies or skin conditions may lead to a Pomeranian needing to have some lotion massaged onto hot spots. And fur issues that include a thinning or balding coat, not only is often treated with topical lotions, but also can cause a Pom to feel uncomfortable without his full coat.

A shirt can be used to help keep applied lotions and other coat products in place, and/or help a Pom feel secure while his coat is recovering. 

To summarize, if your Pom seems to dislike being outside in certain weather conditions and if you feel that he needs a bit of help to feel comfortable, or if there are skin or coat issues, clothing would be a good idea. 

Types of Clothing

Shirts and other lightweight fabrics - These are best if you just want your Pom to wear something cute, if your Pom needs just a light layer to feel more comfortable, or if you are using a shirt to keep lotion or other topical products in place. 

These cute tops are available in extra-small: (*** If the images are not appearing, try refreshing your browser or check out the Pomeranian Specialty Shoppe)
Sweaters and HoodiesGenerally, sweaters and light hoodies are made of just one layer, so these are a good choice if it's a bit chilly out, but not super freezing. You'll find that sweaters are often very comfortable for a dog to wear because the fabric has a lot of give.

These are also for dry-weather days. If you are looking for something water-proof, you'll want to see the next section for vests and coats. 

Here are some super cute sweaters that are sized for Poms. *** If you don't see the images, try doing a refresh. 
Winter Vests and Coats- These are clothing pieces that will be a great help if a Pom dislikes cold weather and needs some help to tolerate whipping winds, wet snow, and/or freezing temperatures.

The most important area to keep warm is the core body (chest, flanks, back). If a dog has an extra layer there (as well as having his paws protected, more ahead), he will be much better able to be outside during any sort of harsh weather.

Even so, do limit jaunts outside to 30 minutes or less if the temperatures are below freezing, since frostbite can occur on areas that cannot be protected such as the face and tail. 

These winter clothing pieces are available in extra-small or size #1: (*** If the images are not appearing, try refreshing your browser or check out the Pomeranian Specialty Shoppe)
Cute DressesGenerally, dresses are strictly for dressing a Pomeranian up to look cute; though if you find a comfortable one, your Pom may grow attached to it, and want to wear it for comfort. Dresses can make a Pom look very pretty; and though these may add a little bit of warmth, do not depend on these for cold winter days.

Here are our picks for pretty dresses, and if the images are not appearing try doing a refresh or visit the Pomeranian Specialty Shoppe
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