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Clothes for Your Pomeranian

The Dog Clothes Debate

There is a small debate regarding clothing just for Pomeranians and other toy breed dogs. This has been brought on - in part - because of celebrities owning Pomeranians. 

If a person is constantly photographed, then their loyal and dressed canine companion is going to have pictures taken of them as well.  Is clothing just for Pomeranians is needed? The answer may surprise you.

Large dogs have always been outdoor dogs. Countless breeds can be left outside for quite some time and fare very well. Small toy breeds are a completely different story. 
Clothing just for Pomeranians is not just a way to play "dress up". It makes a dog comfortable in many situations and actually protects the dog and is absolutely needed in certain weather conditions.

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The Need for Certain Dog Clothes

Even though the idea of clothing just for Pomeranians seems like a new concept, the creation of dog clothes dates back very far. It is only because of the extreme attention given to Hollywood stars and the media's obsession with them that then helped bring this subject to the forefront. Clothes have been put on dogs since ancient times.
People who do not own dogs may not understand the necessity of dog clothes. Some will argue that if a dog has fur, why would they possibly need any other protection, especially the Pom who has that magnificent "ball of fur" coat.

It is different for many medium or large sized dogs. Many have been breed since the beginning of domestication to be outside dogs. There is still a debate over the exact time that humans began to domesticate dogs; the general theory is that it happened some time around 8000 BC. However, small breed dogs were breed a completely different be pampered inside dogs.

The medium and larger dogs were breed over time for many things: protection, work (such as sled pulling) and rescue (as they could much more easily find a missing person than a human). Therefore, they did not need anything else other than their own fur. 
Chloe the Pomeranian in blue dress
Chloe & owner Karen
Photo courtesy of owner: Karen Lee-Christian
Pomeranian with rain coat and shoes
Toy breed dogs were specifically breed to be inside dogs. They were breed to be small, little pets that one would keep inside. If going outside, unless the weather is perfect, clothing is a great idea and a healthy step toward protecting the dog. A Pomeranian, weighing between 3-7 pounds, does indeed need clothing just for Pomeranians. 

Sweaters, boots, hats and coats are needed in many circumstances. The weather, of course, plays a vital role in this. A dog of this kind must be protected from the elements. Cold rain, sleet, snow and hail pounding against a Pom's body can do damage. 

Alternatively, wonderful sunny days can do harm as well, and a layer of protection from the sun can be very helpful in keeping a dog healthy.

Poms that are in the "Puppy Ugly" stages should have a doggie sweater or shirt to protect the exposed skin from sun, rain or cold. For Poms that have the rare BSD (Black Skin Disease) clothes are an absolute must. 
A small dog's feet should be protected as well. Clothing just for Pomeranians should include some type of shoe or boot for certain situations. These do much more than look cute. The pads of a Pom's paws are very sensitive; remember: this breed was not bred over centuries to endure work, weather or rough terrain. They were bred to be small lap dogs. 
clothing for Pomeranians
When you are walking your Pom, there can be many little elements that can cause injury. Small rocks can get stuck between the creases of the dog's paws, thin sticks or other objects may become embedded as a sliver would.

"Ice melt" that is put down during the icy and snowy months can wreak havoc on the Pom's paws! Pavement and sand can become extremely hot during summer months and too long of exposure can burn the bottom of a dog's paws. Shoes and boots for your dog will protect him or her and allow you to enjoy walking around.

For the portion of the public who scoffs at the thought of clothes just for Pomeranians and feels that an owner is just spoiling their dog; there are two answers for this person.

1: Clothing is not an option in many environments. 2: Mind your own business!  
As a Pom owner, you must do what is right for your fluffy friend and not make decisions based off of people who do not know the facts.

With this being said, clothing IS needed for certain situations. There is a reason why companies that make dog clothing are growing at an amazing rate. The principle of supply versus demand applies to this. What the public demands, the manufacturers must supply. 
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