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The PetPom Book - Version 4

A Comprehensive, Pomeranian-specific Care Book

- The most comprehensive Pomeranian Book that exists,available in both print (large 8.5x11" soft cover) and eBook
It takes a detailed, comprehensive and breed-specific book to confidently care for a Pomeranian through every stage of his/her life. And now you’ve found it! With your PetPom book, you can quickly reference what you need to know about, read ahead to prepare and gain knowledge for the unexpected. 

Features in this book

About the Pomeranian- History, The Breed Standard Explained, Pet vs Show Pomeranians, Face Structure Variations, Size Differences.

• An intense Color Chapter - Every colored Pomeranian that exists....Those that are AKC accepted colors and unique coloring. Photos and facts regarding each color and possible markings. Eye color, PLUS how to know what color YOUR Pom is, in 3 steps.

This book is focused to present intensely detailed care information for the Pom owner who wants to know exactly how to handle all of the behavioral hiccups & health issues that this breed can have. Understand the 'what', 'why' & how to resolve.

Every aspect of Pomeranian Puppy Care - Puppy Supplies to Have, Puppy Proofing Your Home, Naming Your Pomeranian, Introducing your Pom to Family & Home, Falling into a Schedule, How to React to Whining and Crying, Vaccinations, Reactions to Vaccines, Hypoglycemia, Teething & with this new book edition, we are finally releasing our data, compiled over a period of 5 years, using weights from 247 Poms, to show growth from birth to maturity.

 • An in-depth look at Pomeranian Intelligence and steps you can take to allow your Pom to live life to its fullest, able to better understand the world and interact with you. 

 • 24 Pomeranian-specific Behavioral Chapters - Perfect detailing of Pomeranian behavior with detailed training for each quirk. What is normal and what is not.

 • 34 Pomeranian-specific Health Chapters - Understand your Pom's physical wellness to take excellent care of your Pom... now and as he or she grows older. Save time and money by knowing how to diagnose, treatment you can give at home (exact home remedies are given) and when you must bring your Pom to the veterinarian.

Do you find it difficult to leave your Pom home alone? This book offers exact steps in regard to resolving Separation Anxiety, for your Pom to become a confident, independent and happy dog. Never feel bad leaving the house again!

 • Step-by-Step Socialization Training- This book gives you a super helpful, step-by-step guide for all socialization training (a book-within-a-book)- With dogs (both "known" and "unknown"), visitors, strangers, and situations. Such a wonderful, perfect guide for building self-confidence and restraint, allowing a Pom to be social, very well-behaved and happy!

There's even more...

 • Full and complete Pomeranian grooming details - bathing, drying, brushing, nails, trims, eyes, ears, skin, coat and full & complete dental care details. Your Pom will be looking perfect!

 • Extremely detailed house-training and command training, with photos to explain and step-by-step guidelines to follow....How to deal with nighttime issues, when home alone... this covers everything. Commands covers all basic commands plus a special fun trick. Detailed instructions for proper heeling, with guides for every sort of hiccup including cars & traffic. You'll have the best behaved dog in the neighborhood.

 • At your wit's end with barking? Your Pom doesn't want to bark all the time either; He or she just needs some help from you! The PetPom Book has an exceptional barking chapter, that covers all of the most common triggers, with exact steps to teach your Pom how to stay calm.

 • Perfect weather-care sections for summer and winter. Activity sections for indoor exercise, outdoor exercise, dog park information and alternative activities. 

 • Food and nutrition issue that could affect your Pomeranian: Nutrients needed, supplements, exact calories for age and weight, home cooking, comparisons of top brands, finicky eaters, switching foods, which bowls are best, changes for seniors, important water fact section, the most common eating issues and appetite issues (decreased and increased).

Complete Care for 7 specific Pom body parts: Anal glands, Coat, Eyes (including tear staining), Ears, Tail, Teeth & Paws. 

Female issues - Heat, Pregnancy, Whelping, Aftercare, Female health.

A strong focus on Coat Care - Pomeranian Fur Issues, Thinning Coats, Fur Growth, Puppy Coats VS Adult, what does not work & what does for fur growth (and why), along with photos showing results. 

 • A Chapter devoted to obtaining ultimate Pomeranian happiness - Including How to Better Bond with Your Pom.

Newborn Care, Senior Care & EVERYTHING in between. Females, Males, Puppies, Adolescents, Adults... This truly book has it all.

Looking for even more?...

We took the AKC Pomeranian breed standard and took it apart, to explain exactly what it all means.
This updated book has 117 photos, charts & graphs to help you understand everything about your Pom!
(images depict full-color eBook; print book is Black & White with free PetPom expanded ‘Color Chapter’ PDF eBooklet, a 20 pg add-on reference for both coat & eye color)

Customer Reviews - A sampling of what Pom owners have to say:

I can't imagine all the work that must have gone into this. It's perfect and I refer to this book all the time. We're making steady progress thanks to the socialization chapter.
Pamela | Pom: Ginger Pie
We Love It
My wife and I love the Pet Pom book, a huge thanks for offering this. It's been a terrific help and we're learning a lot.
Mike & Susan Taffy | Pom: Walter
This Book Has it All
You really meant it when you said it had everything. I love this book and read it with my Bella on me. Then, the next day we work on something from it. It's awesome!
Nicole Sharp | Pom: Ms. Bella
A Beautiful Collector's Book Full of Information
The book is beautiful, not only do I consider it a collector type book, it's packed with such great detailed information, it's been an incredible help.
Meghan Meztimarkers | Poms: Zoey and Jasper 
The Website Times 100!
If you've found articles on the PetPom website helpful, than you'll love and appreciate the book. They take it to a whole new level, offering tons of more information. Think of the site as an overview and the book at the whole sha-bang. It offers so much more expanded info, not just with text but with photos, charts, bulleted graphs, etc, to fully explore the subjects. I'm very happy I got the book. 
Diana Alterio  | Pom: Maximus
Superior Pom Book
Superior on so many levels. I just adopted my first Pomeranian and this book is perfect for me. Very good information and formatted nicely. Solid real advice for the Pom lover. Also I really love how for all the training like getting along with other dogs, heeling, socializing, etc. it goes over what they call hiccups, to correct anything that might be stopping you from perfecting and really getting things down right. 
Marla Daimaru | Poms: Tater and Willow
Lots to Offer
This book offers excellent insights on the Pomeranian breed. I found the coat chapters including fur loss very helpful and eye opening. I like that recommended products are listed out, which I can either find on my own or can go to an online shop. By far the most impressive parts for me were the training and health sections both of which has already come in very handy. This book has lots of info to offer. 
Margo | Pom: Yeti
More Than a Refresher
Having owned a Pomeranian as a child and then having rescued a senior about 10 years ago, I wasn't sure if I wanted/needed a book for my Pomeranian puppy I just recently brought home. Well, two weeks into having my new girl, it was clear that I needed some help and a refresher on the breed. This book was perfect for my needs and incredibly helpful. I appreciate that it has ample info that will be helpful as my Choo-Choo Girl grows older as well.
MaryAnne Pollmer | Pom: Choo-Choo Girl

With Your PetPom Book You Can:

  • Care for your Pom with confidence
  • Have the answers to every issue relevant to your Pom, as this book guides you in a natural procession of all that you need to know 
  • Keep your Pom looking like he/she was meant to look: beautiful!
  • Bring relief & resolution to a Pom that has any sort of struggles (34 health issues, 21 appearance issues, 24 behavioral issues)
  • Know exactly what changes to make as your Pom matures; with adjustments in care from newborn to senior
  • Never need to even consider paying for trainers or animal behaviorists
  • Use your book to socialize, train, care for, keep safe and bond with your Pom to create a happy, well-adjusted, confident dog!
If you are looking for a Pomeranian resource that contains everything you want, this is the one.
2,400+ Pomeranian owners are using the PetPom book to help raise & care for their Pom!

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