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Pomeranian Exercise


Such a tiny little dog and such and such a large amount of energy! The Pomeranian is an active companion dog and to maintain good health, the proper amount of exercise must be offered on a daily basis.

We are going to discuss the needs and requirements suited to this breed.

As too much exertion as a puppy can affect growth…and too much for a Pom of any age can put excessive wear and tear on the body, affecting everything from the knees to the hips and possible overheating… Too little and you'll have an issue of a dog that has no release for pent-up energy.

While the Pom is an indoor dog, plenty of outdoor activity should be offered. There are 3 main reasons why taking walks and spending time outside is important:

1- Physical health – Going for a brisk walk or doing other activities allows muscles to stretch. It maintains developed muscles. It circulates the blood and it is healthy for the heart.

2 – Behavioral – Your Pom loves cuddling with you, however exploring the outside world and being able to walk and run around is vital for his or her emotional well being. 

For those that are home alone while owners are working, being able to head outdoors for an hour or so is a great way to release pent-up energy.

3- Social Skills – Taking walks and going to play in the dog park are excellent opportunities to teach or fine tune interactional skills with people and with other dogs.
Additionally, gradually increasing meet-and-greets can help a shy dog overcome situations that induce anxiety.
Pomeranian running on grass
How Much - Requirements for a Puppy and Adult

It is suggested to bring your Pom for at least one daily walk. We have met owners who think that their Pomeranian is too tiny to actually go for a walk, and therefore they will walk for a block or so and then carry their dog the rest of the way…however, when planned correctly, this breed can exercise at a moderate pace.

20 to 30 minutes of time is required to achieve a moderate increase in heart rate. It is best to plan several elements in advance.
The route itself – Best is to stick to roads that have sidewalks. It can be very dangerous to head out on streets with cars whizzing by. In some cases, this may mean driving to an appropriate pathway; however it will be well worth it once you can begin your walk in a safe way.

Timing – You will want to go when you are not in a rush and also when your Pomeranian feels like exercising. Sometimes this must be a compromise. There are some dogs that simply do not want to head out first thing in the morning. And those same dogs may be bursting to go out and exercise an hour after dinner. 

Keeping this in mind, you will also want to choose a time in which you can enjoy this as well. Looking at your watch every 5 minutes, wondering if you’ll make it back in time to cook dinner will take the fun out of your exercise sessions.

Many owners find it best to bring their Pomeranian out for a walk after dinner is done; and this can be a good method to tire out a dog a bit before bed time. You will, however, want to avoid exercising very close to bed time…Plan to have at least an hour or two to wind things down after a jaunt of exercise, so that adrenaline is not still pumping, causing inability to easily fall asleep.

How This Can Affect House training – Some owners make the mistake of allowing their Pomeranian to make stops along the way for purposes of urinating or eliminating. While it may seem logical to multitask in this way, it can interfere with housebreaking. When you are house training your Pom puppy, one of the important elements is to choose a designated bathroom area. But, if you ignore that rule and allow the bathroom to be any place along the walking route, it can cause confusion as to housebreaking rules.

While you cannot stop a dog from taking a bathroom break while walking, it is best to first bring your Pomeranian to the designated area before exercising…. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for him or her to go…And then head out.

If your Pomeranian does not go to the bathroom while out on the walk, be sure to go back to the area before entering back into the house. 
Safe Exercise

With this tiny toy breed, safety is a must. The goal is to offer brisk exercise while taking care to prevent overheating and dehydration.

Here are some tips:

1 – On very warm to hot days, exercise before 10 AM or after 2 PM (as those are the hottest times of the day)

2 – If it is hot or if it is very sunny out, try to stay in the shade

3- Check the surface of the street that you will be walking on – If it is very hot to the touch or if the area contains a lot of very small pebbles (that can become stuck between paw pads, causing discomfort), consider using doggie shoes to protect your Pomeranian’s paws. 

We know a Pom owner who could not figure out why her Pomeranian put up such a fight to run and exercise along the beach where she lived; the answer came when she implemented doggie boots…Her Pom disliked the sand grains lodging into his paws and the protection that she offered allowed him to run around with her other dog and have fun.
4- Be sure to walk at what is a brisk exercise pace for your Pom, not for you. For a good pace of exercise, you will be walking slowly and your dog will be walking at the right pace. It should be moderate gait, not a run and not a stroll.

5- Take at least 1 break for a 20 to 30 minute session. Use this time to rest in the shade and with the use of a collapsible bowl and a bottle of water, allow your Pomeranian to drink as much as he or she needs.

6- Try to not let cold weather get in the way of allowing your Pom to have needed activity.

Pomeranian being taken for a walk
Other Activity

Aside from a daily walk to ensure good health, if the weather permits it, don’t forget about other types of exercise. Playing fetch is not reserved for large breed dogs. If you have the right sized toy, ball or disc, the Pomeranian is an excellent playmate for fetch. This breed is also excellent at agility workouts. If an owner shows enthusiasm, a Pom will pick up on that…. And don’t be shy to be inventive. Setting up obstacles, making a small tunnel to run through, those are all things that a Pom can excel at. Just be careful to not include any jumping from heights, as this can injure the knees and/or hips.

Young Puppies

Do not bring your puppy to any public places (especially the dog park) until he or she has had all of their puppy shots. In addition, do not allow your Pomeranian to exert him or herself ; especially during the first 6 months…Over exercising can cause growth issues... However, this does not mean that your Pom should remain inactive; exercise should be a routine event that both of you look forward to.
Q & A Regarding Physical Ability | Limitations

Can Pomeranians swim? Yes (with guidelines followed). While some owners do not test this out, Pomeranian can swim and some (not all) just love it! Owners of Pom that dislike baths may assume that their dog would dislike swimming; however it is a completely different experience.

NEVER have your Pom swim in the ocean of course or in ANY deep water! Recommended is to try this out in the low end of a clean swimming pool, staying very close to your Pom. Never assume that once he/she seems to be doing good, that you do not need to supervise closely any longer - You always need to be close! 

Also, since pools contain high levels of chlorine it is imperative to through wash the thoroughly afterward. If not, the chlorine will act as bleach and dull the color of the fur or a green tint can develop on light fur (white, cream)
Pomeranian exercising
Can Pomeranians go running? Yes, but what is running to a Pom is not considered running to you! This tiny toy breed would not be able to keep up with a human out on an exercise run. However, if an adult Pomeranian is in good health and care is taken in regard to outside temperature, a Pom may very well enjoy running - as HIS pace- for a short while.

It is not recommended to encourage a growing Pom puppy to run, since over exercise can affect growth plates.
Can a Pomeranian go on long walks? Yes, with guidelines followed. The average walking time for a Pom's daily walk (or twice a day walk) is between 20 and 30 minutes. Therefore, a long walk may range from 1 to 2 hours of walking.

If you want to head out for a long walk with your Pom, there must be some planning.

1- Of course, be sure that your Pom is in good health and has shown that his/her normal walking time causes no heavy breathing, limping, etc.

2- Plan out your route, making sure that there are sidewalks and safe walking areas all along the route.

3- The ideal outside temperature for a longer walk should be between 55 F (12.7 C) and 70 F (21 C). If it is colder or hotter than that, your Pomeranian should be wearing shoes or booties to protect his feet from the ice/cold/snow or hot pavement.
4- Make sure that your Pomeranian has plenty to drink before leaving (and for training purposes, allow him an opportunity to relieve himself in the designated bathroom area before leaving as opposed to using a spot along the way).

5- Bring plenty of water (kept cold with ice cubes or in a cooler) and a snack, and a collapsible fabric food & water bowl or a folding waterproof travel bowl.

6- Plan to take a 10 to 15 minute break every 20 to 30 minutes. Rest in the shade, offering water and a treat and encouraging your Pom to sit or lay down.

7- It is not advisable to take a Pomeranian on a long walk that would last more than 2 hours.

8- This only applies to adult Poms 2 years and older as growing puppies should not be over exercised due to possible issues with growth plates.
Pomeranian in stroller
9- If your Pomeranian tires out before you expected or shows any signs of not being able to continue, do take a break in the shade and then carry him if needed.
Can a Pomeranian go hiking? Yes! You do not need to leave your Pom at home if you are planning on hiking, IF the difficulty level is not hard and if you follow all of the guidelines above regarding 'long walks'. Please note that if you plan is to carry your Pom on a moderately hard or difficult hiking path, this is NOT advised as severe injury can occur if you slip and fall.

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