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Choosing the Best Bed for a Pomeranian

A Doggie Bed Vs Your Bed

While it may be tempting to have your Pom sleep in your bed and you may be doing this already without any issues, there are some valid reasons why it may be best for your Pomeranian to have his own bed:
  • If a Pom sleep in his owner's bed, he is more apt to have problems when home alone during the day. Not used to resting or taking naps in his own bed, he may not be able to settle down when he's in his own gated off area or canine playpen during the day. This can increase separation anxiety issues.
  • Being such a small toy breed, accidents can and do happen; a Pom can fall off the bed or be accidentally rolled over
  • The more that a Pom has access to an owner's bed the higher the chance for an accident that will soak through your mattress
  • While small, this is a high shedding breed; you may find your bed filled with fur, particularly during high shedding seasons. 
  • Being prone to both hip dysplasia and patella luxation, a Pomeranian needs a really good canine bed for proper support; we'll discuss this next
Elements of a Great Bed for a Pomeranian

1) Proper support. The number one element of an appropriate bed for this breed is that it offers proper support. Owners may not realize just how important this is since this is a small breed. However, the stress that the body feels is all relative. When a Pom rests, he needs the mattress to curve to his body to properly support his skeletal frame and ease pressure from his joints. Human mattress are too thick to correctly offer this to toy breeds like the Pomeranian.

It is also very important for Poms to have proper cushioning for their elbows. Without this, not only can the elbows become sore and stiff, but it can also affect the fur, leading to sore spots and thinning coat on the elbows. 

And with senior Pomeranian, having an orthopedic memory foam bed is really a 'must'.

2) Sized for security. The Pomeranian breed typically has a high need to feel safe and secure. They like to nest and snuggle up to feel as if they are protected; this is required for many Poms to fully relax. The dog bed that you choose for your Pom should be appropriately sized. Whether your Pom likes bumper pads to rest his head, like to be elevated or prefers a flatter surface, it will serve as his own private area where he can escape from commotion and be fully at peace to rest or sleep

3) Superior material to prevent contract friction - There are many elements that can affect a Pom's coat: The summer sun, arid wintertime air, the products that are used for bathing such as the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spritz, the type of brush that is used and contact friction. 

Contact friction refers to what happens when a Pomeranian's coat comes into contact with various surfaces. The texture of those surfaces, such as the floor that he lies on or the bed that he sleep in, will either be gentle against the coat or rough. 

It always has to be one or the other, and of course this will be of varying intensities. If rough and if there is ongoing contact, this will affect the coat in a negative way. This can lead to a frizzed texture, split ends and/or static problems. 
4) Washable - There are many reasons why you will want to choose a quality bed for your Pom that has a washable cover for easy laundering:
  • Unspayed female Poms, when going through a heat cycle, will have a flow for at least 2 weeks. While toy breeds like the Pomeranian may have a very light flow that is barely noticeable, it is important to know that there is an accumulation of discharge that will end up on bedding. Without that bedding being washed in hot water and soap, this can become extremely unhygienic. 
  • All day, every day, around the clock, a dog's body produces natural body oils. After a few weeks, there is a buildup of these oils. This is why a dog needs to be bathed every 3 weeks, even if he does not appear to be dirty. When a Pom sleeps, tiny amounts of oil seep into his bedding surface. Over time, this will start to smell. It may have an odd sweet-sour smell or a musty smell. 
  • Dirt, dust, debris and food particles will accumulate on bedding as well and should be washed for hygienic reasons. 
Due to all of these elements, it is recommended to wash the bed covering at least once a month. 
Recommended Beds - Quality Bumper Beds

These are our top picks for Pomeranian puppies and adults that do best with raised sides for security and comfort. These are all high quality beds with exceptionally supportive mattresses. 
Recommended Orthopedic Beds

For senior Poms or for Pomeranians that have had issues with their knees or hips, an orthopedic bed is best. These offer extra support for aching joints, help to relieve pressure and can lead to a better night's sleep. These are also appropriate choices for Poms of any age, since you cannot have too much of a good thing. Choices range from high bumpers to low and flat mattresses for Poms that love being on the floor (but you know better). 
Specialty Beds for Poms

Sometimes, a Pom does best with a non-traditional bed. Some love to be raised off of the floor, particularly those that get hot in the summer and like some air flow under them. These sorts of raised cots are also great if you want something for your Pom to rest on when outside in the yard. In addition, some Pomeranians really enjoy being up high at the level of their human's bed; in these cases, you may want to look into a raised indoor pet house. 
Steps and Ramps for Human Beds

If your Pom is sleeping in your bed and there are no issues that are happening, there is nothing inherently wrong with this; you'll just want to be very careful in regard to how your Pom gets up to the bed and back down to the floor.  Steps sized for toy breeds or ramps (best for senior dogs) are just the thing to allow a Pom the freedom and ease of reaching the bed safely. 
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