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Can Pom Eat Ice Cream


Pomeranian Eating Ice Cream  

Question: One of my favorite snacks is ice cream and my Pomeranian Charlie always looks like he really, really wants some whenever I eat it. Is it okay to feed a Pomeranian some ice cream? If so, is there a flavor that is best? Vanilla? Strawberry? Thanks, Andy J.

Answer: Hi Andy, ice cream is alright in very small amounts - for example, it is a great way to hide a pill if you must give your dog medicine, as the pill will slide right down. Or a few spoonfuls on a hot summer day.

However, you should not give your Pom ice cream as a regular snack. Ice cream, as you know is milk based. Therefore, too much ice cream can cause digestive problems such as an upset tummy and/or diarrhea.

Also, it is so packed with sugar, that it can cause sugar levels to become unbalanced. A sudden increase in blood sugar levels is known as Hyperglycemia...Which is the opposite of the very well known condition of Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
ice cream in cone
Ice cream with certain ingredients can cause an allergic reaction in dogs, especially small dogs such as the Pom- it can cause skin itching - and that can lead to scratching...and that can cause sores that become infected....and the coat in that area can fall out.

Low fat or low calorie 'diet' ice cream that has artificial sweeteners are not a good alternative, because many of those artificial sweeteners are toxic to dogs.

And finally, chocolate ice cream would be the worst possible thing, as a Pomeranian could get sick from the ice cream and from the chocolate. (Never, ever feed a dog any variety of chocolate, it can be fatal).
The calories in ice cream vary quite a bit depending on the flavor and whether or not it is soft serve or hard. Here is a sampling of calories by the 1/2 cup:

Hard vanilla: 137

Hard strawberry: 127

Soft serve vanilla: 191

So if you give your Pomeranian an 1/8 or 1/4 cup of whole vanilla ice cream or strawberry, it will not be too calorie laden. 

Both vanilla and strawberry, as long as it has real fruit and not artificial flavors would be good choices.  
Many grocery stores sell "ice cream" for dogs and most of those are just fine.  

However, the best alternative is frozen yogurt. It is very nutritious and most Pomeranians find it to be very yummy. This way, while you enjoy your ice cream, your Pom can enjoy his own frozen treat.

Note: Poms are susceptible to temperature changes and if you are to feed canine ice cream to your puppy or dog, you will want to make sure to pay attention to the room or outdoor temperature...for example, do not feed this to him or her outside if it is cold/chilly out....and do not offer it if you are inside on a hot day and the A/C is blasting cold air. 

Also, an interesting fact is that dogs can get brain freeze just like humans; their bodies and brains react the same way. When a very cold food enters the mouth, it sends triggers to nerves which relay to the brain that the body is in a super cold environment. The shock of this rapid change usually lasts about 30 seconds. So, if you do give your Pomeranian a little bit of ice cream, offer just a bit on the tip of a spoon before offering a second, slightly larger portion.
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