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2015 Contest


2015 - The 5th Annual Pomeranian Halloween Costume Contest

Thanks to everyone whose Pom participated in PetPom's annual Halloween event - 2015!  There were 64 Poms entered into the contest & each and every one is absolutely adorable! Certainly, everypom is a winner!

With a special Members-Only voting poll, PetPom Members cast their votes in 6 categories. 

Here are all of the Poms... If the slideshow does not move for you, use the arrows.  To make arrows appear, on a computer hover your mouse over a photo.  On a tablet/phone, tap a photo. Could they be any cuter???...
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And after tallying the votes (it was very close for many), the winners are...
Pomeranian Flying Monkey Costume
Agent Fox Mulder AKC Fox, as a flying monkey from the wizard of oz!
Fox is 7 months old; Owners are Kris & Banner
runner up
dog pirate costume
Gizmo as Captain Canine!
Gizmo is 3 years old; Owner is Deborah Kirwan
2nd runner up
Pomeranian pilot costume
Cuzco, as a Pilot!
Cuzco is 5 years old; Owners are the Orrego Family
3rd runner up
Pomeranian in horse costume
Sparky, as a Cowboy's Horse AKA 'Get along little doggie'
Sparky is 7 years old; Owner is Angela Wible
most befitting costume
Pomeranian in marshmallow costume
Princess Gwendolyn, as a Marshmallow!
Princess Gwendolyn is 13 weeks old; Owner is Kaylie Smith
most amusing costume winner
Pomeranian coyote costume
Sophie, as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!
Sophie is 3 years old; Owner is Susan
most enthusiastic costume
Most Enthusiastic Costume - Pomeranian
Cavu and Bijou as Giant Fans!
Cavu is 2 years old, Bijou is 1 year old; Owner is Melissa Corrao
Pom in peacock costume
Luigi Donatello, with AnabellE & Franco, as a Muster of Peacocks!
Luigi Donatello is 10 years old; owner is Stephanie Murtha
most elegant stance
Winner- Most Elegant Stance Costume
Kaos, as a Pumpkin Princess!
Kaos is 17 months old; owner is Annette Devlin
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