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Growth Chart


Pomeranian Growth Chart


How big will your Pomeranian puppy grow to be? How much will a Pomeranian puppy grow? These are the questions that every owner wants to know.

While Pomeranians can be as small as 3 lbs. (1.36 kg) up to 7 lbs.(3.175 kg) per breed standards, it is not unusual for many to be larger than this. Rarely will a Pom be smaller than 3 lbs; and if so will be prone to many more health issues than his standard sized counterparts.
Growth Rate

Newborns - Born weighing only a few ounces and fitting in the palm of one's hand, a Pomeranian puppy will have the most rapid growth during the first month, doubling in size within just days.

Puppies - It is during the first year that a Pom puppy will grow to just about his full adult size. Growths slows a bit around the 9 month mark, but there will still be height and weight increases until the 12 month mark.

This is not always steady; for some Pomeranian, growth is staggered with some bursts and some pauses.

1 Year - Officially an adult dog at the 1 year mark, a Pomeranian will be done growing at this time. There may be very slight widening in the chest area from now until the 15 month mark.

Maturity Phases
  • Day 1 to 8 weeks: Newborn - Poms are tiny but growing quickly. 
  • 8 weeks to 1 year: Puppy - Poms around round and small. This is a year of rapid growth. As the Pomeranian grows in both height and width, the body leans out.  By the 1 year mark, the roundness of the puppy stage is replaced with a slightly sleeker, more mature looking dog. 
  • 1 year to 8 years: Adult - The Pomeranian is in his prime. 
  • 8 years and older: Senior - By the 8 year mark, a Pom will be slowly down a bit. By the 10 year mark, the coat may not have its youthful shine and many dogs are now taking things a bit easier. 
See also: Age

Elements that Affect Growth

The size, including the weight and height of a Pomeranian, is mainly due to genetics. While you can look to the dam and sire for a good idea of how big a Pom puppy will grow to be, genes from 5 generations can come into play. For this reason, if know how big the grandparents were, this can help you better know what to expect with your own Pomeranian.

How fast a Pom grows & his final size will depend on:
  • Genetics - The size of the puppy's parents (although genes may skip a generation or very rarely a Pomeranian may be a "Throwback" , carrying genes of the Pom's ancestors & be perhaps 18 or 19 lbs.)
  • Nutrition - This includes what you feed your Pom and how well his body absorbs needed nutrients
  • Activity level
  • Health status
An experienced, excellent breeder will have the knowledge to carefully select the pairings of dogs to produce desired size and color; however one must still remember that Mother Nature does have the final say. 

Growth Chart

It is not possible to know exactly what size a Pomeranian puppy will grow to be; however it is possible to estimate the size, usually within a 1/2 pound. This is done by looking at the age of the puppy & the pup's current weight.

Here are the directions for using the Pomeranian Growth Chart:

All numbers are in ounces, except for the Final Adult Weight of the Pomeranian, which is in pounds.

To covert your Pom's weight in pounds to ounces, remember that 16 ounces = 1 pound.

If you are given the weight in pounds (2.1 lbs, 3.5 lbs. etc.) you will take whatever the weight is and multiple it by 16. For example, with a Pomeranian weighing 2.5 lbs. the formula would be 2.5 x 16, which equals 40.

If you are given the weight in a mixed measure (2 lbs. 3 oz.etc.) you will take the pounds  x 16 + the number of ounces. For example with a Pom weighing 2 lbs. 3 oz, the formula would be 2 (the pounds) x 16 [which equals 32] + 3 (the ounces), for a final weight of 35 ounces.

1. Look in the column all the way to the left, find the age of your Pom puppy.

2. Slide your finger across the row until you stop on the weight in ounces that your pup currently is.

3. Then, slide your finger all the way to the bottom of the chart to end up on the Final Adult Weight.
Pomeranian growth chart
UPDATE: After 5 years of keeping track of 247 Pomeranian puppies, we have now released the weights, projected weights and actual rates over a course of 1 year of growth (8 weeks old through 1 year old). This data is now included in the updated PetPom Book - NOW IN PRINT! Have a look.
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