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Why Does My Pomeranian Hide Under the Bed?


It is one of the most common behavioral questions that owners have regarding their Poms… Just why does he or she hide under the bed? And it's not always easy to coax a dog out of there, is it?

It is common for people to worry about this…some worry that it means that their Pom is afraid of them…and that certainly isn't' a good feeling. Some may be concerned that they are doing something wrong…

And all owners wonder if something should be done to stop this behavior. So, we are going to look at the reasons why a Pom, often a puppy, hides under a bed, whether this happens randomly or if your Pomeranian does this a lot.
Reason 1 - The good news is that the number 1 reason why a dog does this is simply because they like to! Really! This brings to mind a Pom named Killa. While it is young puppies that do this most often, this particular dog was close to 10 years old. She was tiny, just reaching 5 pounds and had such a loving, fun personality. She loved people, was very bonded with her human, played very well with children and loved to be a spectator at softball games…

And several times a week, when Killa could not be found, her owner knew to look under the bed! This Pomeranian had found a soft, warm, comfortable spot to retreat to…She would sometimes take a nap there, sometimes explore what must have seemed like a cave to her…and sometimes she would take a toy or treat and enter her “magical little world”.

Since she did not use the area as a bathroom and spent plenty of time with her human family, it was perfectly alright that she hid under the bed. 

So, if your Pom is outgoing, friendly, does not nip and is generally emotionally healthy, hiding under your bed is not a problem. Remember when you were a child? You most likely made forts at home... maybe you simply propped up blankets or made more elaborate forts out of chairs, pillows and blankets… it was nice to have your own little area, wasn't it? Therefore, if your Pom is well socialized and happy, allow him or her to have their own private area.

Reason 2 - The second most common reason happens when someone has just recently obtained a Pomeranian and the puppy hides. Why under the bed? Well, it is easily accessible…all a puppy has to do is duck under the bed skirt! Making the transition from breeder to new home is a HUGE adjustment. 

Gone is all that the pup knew… dam and litter-mates are nowhere to be found…the puppy must get used to new people, new noises, new scents…a whole new world.

For some Pomeranians, this can be very overwhelming. It is at this tender young age, anywhere between 8 and 10 weeks old) that a Pom may find that the underneath of the bed provides what seems to be a safe location. To him or her, it is a “hide-a-way” where they can escape overpowering feelings of unrest.

Therefore, if your Pom is very young and you are just introducing him or her to their new world, know that this is not uncommon behavior. There are things that you can do to help.

First, you will want to create a peaceful home atmosphere. Do not play the TV, music or other electronics at high volumes. During the first month or two, do not have too many friends come over to see your new pup… This type of introduction and interaction should be done gradually and after your new Pomeranian feels established in the home.

When a puppy is feeling unsure of his or her surroundings, it will be important to show them that they can always expect the important things to be in 1 particular place. Therefore, food and water bowls should always be in the same spot (with fresh water and fresh food always in them – free feeding should be done for the first 3 months). New pups sometimes need to be reminded where these things are, so you can take him or her around the home for the first week or so, to show remind them.

Have an area for your dog’s toys…and also a resting area. A Pom often learns to love their doggie bed if it is soft, comfortable and placed in an area in which he or she can see what is happening in the home, but far enough away from things that the puppy can feel that they can get a break from commotion or constant play.
Reason 3 Aside from new puppies, older Pomeranians may also hide under a bed. If this only happens once in a while, it should not be a problem. However, if your Pom hides quite often, this is usually due to fear, whether ration or otherwise. And this then points to an issue that will need socialization training. Socializing a dog is an important element… it allows him or her to feel safe in their world. It gives the self-confidence to interact with the world and it teaches them proper interface.

Dogs that hide, are not feeling safe. To them, things are too overwhelming and it is their human who can help with this. We have excellent resources below to help you, however to summarize the training: One should take the time to gradually and gently expose their dog to triggers that can cause nervousness or worry. This can include other dogs, visitors to the home, walking among strangers, cars, the rain… just about anything that causes a dog to feel unsafe.

A fearful dog will not learn this on their own; it will be gradual introduction and interactional training, along with verbal and non-verbal cues from their owner that will give the gift of self-confidence to a dog. This then allows him or her to live a full, happy life, exploring where it is safe to do so, and learning about their world.
If you feel that your Pom may need socialization training, we highly recommend this book. It is found on Amazon, in both Kindle and hard copy format, written by Faye Dunningham!

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