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Pomeranians in Car | Airplane |Traveling

Deciding to Travel

There may be times when you must decide if you are going to travel with your Pomeranian. Travel may be via car or airplane.

Both will have you asking different questions regarding Pomeranians and travel.

You may ask what must be done to safely take your Pomeranian in the car with you. 

Alternatively, if you will be flying for a vacation and want to bring your Pomeranian, you will want to know what you need to do to plan to take your Pomeranian on an airplane and even he will be okay during the flight.
If your destination is one in which your dog will be welcome, by all means you should travel with your Pomeranian after following these travel guidelines.

Traveling on an Airplane

Deciding to take your Pom:

If you have decided to bring your Pomeranian with you on an airplane, you must plan wisely. It's recommended to give this a lot of thought.  Flights over 2 hours can really put a lot of stress on a dog; even if he is in a crate under your seat, he may feel confined, nervous and suffer from motion sickness and ear pain due to air pressure changes.  

You may realize that your dog will be happier in a safe canine hotel or with friends of relatives.  You'll also really want to consider if your destination is 'dog friendly' since bringing your best friend is only a great idea if he/she can remain with you to enjoy the trip.

Choose the Right Carry Crate:

Many airlines will allow a passenger to keep a dog with them - in a crate - this is keep under the seat. Each airline has very specific rules and regulations regarding the size and weight of the crate, so you will want to obtain all of the details in advance.  

If - hypothetically - the crate was checked at the airport and found to be either too heavy or too large, your choices would be to check your Pomeranian in as luggage (the dog is placed in the cargo hold. Some airlines will not do this due to drastic changes in temperature that would make it very unsafe) or to not board the plane. 

You'll find that some carry bags are airline approved, like the Premium Pet Travel Soft-Sided Carrier, Airline Approved, meaning that they are the proper size to fit under the seats of most major airlines such as Alkasa Airlines, Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, United, and Virgin. 
During the flight:

Supplies - On an airplane with your Pomeranian under your seat, you must make sure to bring plenty of water, toys and food, with the quantity reflecting the length of the flight.

Bathroom needs - One of the negative aspects of bringing your Pomeranian on an airplane is that, obviously, you cannot take your dog for a walk. And having to go to the bathroom within a confined space can cause discomfort for a dog and may cause sensory discomfort for passengers depending on how much odor escapes.

Realistically, the only option is to allow your dog to eliminate while in the crate. And this is best done by putting a doggie diaper on your Pom. You'll want to be sure that it fits properly (most Poms need an extra-small), and that it is leak proof like the Simple Solution Fashion Print Disposable Dog Diapers.
While a bit messy on the coat, it will keep the feces or urine contained (and without causing a terrible smell)... And you will be able to clean him or her up once you land. You'll want to use a quality canine wipe like Earthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes, that are able to wipe down messy areas, and helps to eliminate odor.
Motion sickness:

If the motion of the plane travel causes your Pom to panic (common with dogs on flights) a method to aide in the stress and discomfort of airplane travel for your dog you can use a combination of a few things. Some light, dry crackers given before you board, along with a bit of sugar (a jelly bean works well) can help with the stomach. And for staying calm, you can try an aromatherapy scent like Sniff Therapy's Calming Aromatherapy For Dogs.

You may be wondering about tranquilizers that could be given to you by the veterinarian. Most of those have not been tested at high altitudes; so that should be used with great caution. 

Summary: If you must travel a long distance and bring your dog, try to travel via car by all possible means. If traveling via airplane with your Pomeranian the main keys to remember is to check airplane rules, have a very comfortable properly sized dog crate, new fun toys, use a doggie diaper and pack wipes for clean-up once you land
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Traveling By Car

If you are going to take a long ride in the car with your Pomeranian, make sure that he is used to being in a car. This can be done by taking short rides with your dog; ensuring that the destination offers a reward; such as a dog park, a friend’s home that has a dog for yours to play with, or other location that you know will make your companion happy.

You must never drive without your Pomeranian safely in a seat restraint. Just as you would never drive around with a baby crawling about freely, you must also make sure that your Pom is in a proper canine car seat.
There are several types of canine car restraints. The best type of car seat for a Pomeranian is a quality canine booster seat. Canine car seat come in different sizes, so you'll want to make sure that you have one that is sized for toy breeds. If the seat is too large, it will not offer proper protection. 

Many dogs have motion sickness issue when traveling in the car and for this reason, choosing a booster seat that raises the Pom high enough feels fresh air from a window and be able to see out of it. Having a direct breeze can counteract the restlessness that many Poms can feel when confined to a car.
Helping With Car Sickness

This can make running errands with your Pom essentially impossible and that takes the fun out of running errands! There a a couple of things that you can do.

Be sure to:
  • Have your Pom in a booster seat. One that keeps a Pom up high like the Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat can help with motion sickness because it allows the Pomeranian to be closer to the window and, most importantly, allow him to see out of the window (one of the major causes of developing car sickness in that the body is feeling what the eyes are not seeing).
  • Feed your Pom a small handful of no-salt saltine crackers or a small handful of Cheerios (plain) cereal about 10 minutes before leaving for a drive. And/or offer a bit of sugar which can help with tummy woes; a jelly bean (be sure it has real sugar and NO artificial sugars) is just the right size.
  • If you are going to drive more than 15 minutes, pull over into a safe area and take a break. Allow your Pomeranian to get out of the car (on leash) to stretch his legs, walk around a bit, have a drink of water and importantly, allow him to gain his bearings.
  • Don't think that driving fast to reach the destination quicker will help... Going around those curves and over those bumps at a faster speed will only make things worse. Go slow and take the break described above if you go over the 15 minute mark.
  • If you must take your Pom for a very long car ride, you can speak to you veterinarian ahead of time. Medication for motion sickness can be given. Do not give human formula Dramamine to you Pom, be sure to have your vet formulate the exact dosing for your Pom based on age and weight.
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