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Why is My Pomeranian Vomiting?


Of course it is very disturbing to see our little Poms throw up. And since it is such a troubling occurrence, it is natural to worry if this means that our little ball of fluff is very ill… And if ill, is it a passing concern or does this mean a trip to the veterinarian? Many owners ask what to do when a Pomeranian is vomiting or throwing up.

This section will discuss the reasons why this happens…

We will talk about a random, one time occurrence and also chronic vomiting (having this happen over and over). We will discuss what to look for, what you can do at home to make your Pomeranian feel better and when it is indeed time to schedule an appointment with the vet.

Also, of course, we will go over emergency issues and times when an emergency phone call to the veterinarian's office is warranted.
Is it Yellow?

Many owners ask what it means when their dog throws up a yellow liquid. While described as yellow, this can be white, pale or dark yellow and will not contain any pieces of food. It may have varying amounts of foam (it will look like tiny bubbles). The consistency may be thin and watery or for some, a thicker and rather sticky vomit. What in the world is this? What does it mean? This is stomach bile.

Many people confuse bile with acid, and this is not stomach acid. Bile is actually a liquid that is produced by the body and it works to help digest food. To be exact, it is composed of: water, salt, mucus and fats. 
It is very different than stomach acid, because what it does is actually neutralize the acid, before it travels to the small intestines. In addition, it works to destroy microbes that may be contained in any ingested food.

It is important to know that the #1 reason for a Pom throwing up a yellow substance is that the stomach is too empty. While in rare cases, it is causes by a disease called gastritis or by an inflammation of intestine, 98% of the time, it is caused by the stomach being so empty that a “reflux” occurs, which propels it out.

“But, I feed my Pom all of the time!” an owner will say. That may be true, however if a dog is routinely vomiting this sticky liquid, it will be time to look over the feeding schedule. Toy dogs, such as the Pomeranian, have tiny stomachs and tiny intestinal tracts…the whole body is tiny! So, the small amount of food that is given at one particular meal time will be absorbed quickly…and this means that the stomach will remain empty until the next scheduled feeding.

We never advocate feeding a Pom only once per day…That is alright for larger breeds dogs, but not for this one! With this in mind, if you are feeding:
  • 1 time per day – Immediately change over to 2 times per day
  • 2 times per day – Switch to 3 times per day
  • 3 times per day – Offer small healthy snacks 2 times per day, preferably between breakfast and lunch and then again between lunch and dinner
Do remember that additional meals does not mean extra food. The food that a Pomeranian eats in one day will be split into smaller portions, feed over a longer course of time. 
Vomit VS Regurgitation

When a Pomeranian throws up before the food has even had a chance to start being digested in the stomach, this is technically regurgitation. The most common reasons for this are:
You will know that this is the case, if your Pom heaves their food right after eating. It is usually tubular in form and you will be able to actually see pieces of undigested food.
If this is happening to your Pomeranian you will want to slow down his or her eating. When a dog gulps down their dinner, this can lead to both issues of too much and too fast. One of the best methods to deal with this is to obtain a slow-feeder dog food bowl. These bowls work because they have dividers and safe protrusions that displace the food, causing a dog to eat around them…and this, in turn, leads to a calmer, slower consumption of meals.

Remember, keep away from plastics, as the dye can gradually seep into food (and water), leading to staining of the fur and loss of nose pigmentation. Therefore, stainless steel will be one aspect of the best bowls to use
Pomeranian sick in bed
We receive a lot of emails from readers who want to know exactly how much food to offer for each meal. We would love to be able to answer those questions. However, with countless brands of food - each having their own calories per cup- and with each Pomeranian being unique in bone structure, activity level and importantly, rate of metabolism, sticking to a predetermined number often does not work.

Therefore, if you do feel that he or she is eating too much, thus causing fit of vomiting, and you have already tried to slow things down with a new bowl…the next step to take will be to offer a bit less (start with just 1/8 of a cup less) and observe your Pom. If he or she seems to be okay with this slightly smaller amount, this may solve the issue.   
Does it Happen Right During or Right After Beginning Exercise?

If your Pomeranian eats and then is brought outside to play or to go for a walk, only to have it interrupted by an episode of throwing up, this is most often due to a lack of time between eating and exercise. If this is happening, it is not a serious issue… All that you will need to do is to allow 15 to 20 minutes to tick by before heading out for some activity. This allows the food to settle in the stomach before running around or walking briskly.

When to Call the Veterinarian

The above issues can be dealt with at home with most owners seeing improvement almost immediately and most dogs fully back to normal health within just days. With this said, there are times that it is prudent to have an experienced, reputable veterinarian preform a complete check-up. 

Vomiting, when accompanied by other signs, can be a sign of serious illness that needs fast medical intervention. Please never hesitate to bring your Pomeranian to the vet if the following occurs:
  • If you have taken the above steps but it continues to happen more than 1 time per day or for more than 3 days in a row
  • If it is projectile vomiting, which means that it is expelled with great force, sometimes through the nose as well, and it therefore ends up at least a foot away
  • If it contains red OR brown (brown will mean that it is partly digested blood)
  • If your Pom also is having diarrhea, bloating (the stomach will be noticeably swollen) and/or visible weakness. 
Pomeranian relaxed in sunny field
Emergency- Red Flags

Dogs are curious by nature and since they do not have opposable thumbs, they will mouth objects to find out what they are. Even if a dog has no intention at all of actually eating something, he or she will use their mouth to find out what that something is. 

Therefore, it is not uncommon for canines to swallow very odd objects and this can be very dangerous. Some objects that are found in dogs more often than one may think are: Popsicle sticks, plastic wrappers, safety pins and clothing articles.

Therefore, if your Pomeranian appears to be trying to throw up (he or she will be making retching motions and will look panicked), this is most likely due to a blockage, this is an emergency situation. 

What to do: Do not waste time by calling an ambulance. It is the first instinct for many owners…They are panicking and reaching out for help via 911 seems logical... Unfortunately, most emergency services do not respond to animal crises. Precious time will be wasted only for you to be told that no aid will be given.
First, look in your Pom’s mouth and pull the tongue forward. If you can see the object, try to remove it. Do not waste too much time on this…If you cannot remove it or if it is too deep for you to see, you will need to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

You will want to swoop up your Pomeranian into your arms, holding him with his back against your chest. Close your hand into a fist, and place it against your Pom’s abdomen (your fist will end just about 1 inch under your dog’s armpits). Then, put your other hand over your fist, and make 4 to 5 fast thrusts inward and upward.

If a dog eats something poisonous, he may or may not throw up… In cases of ingestion of rat poison, the eyes, mouth and nose will bleed… In cases of eating a poisonous plant, intense vomiting may occur…And with some substances, a dog will dry heave and show signs of distress.

If you know that your Pomeranian ingested something that is toxic, immediately bring him or her to the veterinarian or to the closest animal hospital (along with the element that was swallowed, if possible…i.e. the container of fluid, the plant, etc). NEVER think, “Maybe it will pass through…” Remember, that any substance that would be toxic to you, is toxic to your Pomeranian… this includes soaps, cleaning products and fluids for the car.

If you are not sure what was swallowed, it is best to only seek help right away. However, if you know, for example, that your dog ate chocolate, it is alright to try to induce vomiting by sticking your finger down his or her throat. Even if this was successful, still immediately follow through with the vet. With knowledge of what is harmful (onions, chocolate and plants on the top of the list) and child-proof locks for cabinets, your Pom should be safe at home in this regard.
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