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Finding a Pomeranian Breeder

Who do YOU Trust with the Job of Shaping Your Puppy's Personality?

The breeder that you choose will determine the type of puppy that you will have for the next 15-18 years! Choose the wrong breeder...and you will have a Pom with behavioral and health issues, possibly for life. When someone wants a Pom, the biggest obstacle is figuring out how to find a good Pomeranian breeder. Some states (such as those in the North East, do not have many at all)
Your Puppy's Personality

It is the breeder who shapes the personality of the puppy. It is the combination of:
  • A good pairing of dam & sire for optimal temperament
  • The environment and socialization that the breeder offers
which will shape the personalty and behavior routines of a pup. ANYONE can list themselves as a Pomeranian Breeder. Just about ANYONE can have AKC registered pups (Plenty of Puppy Mills are AKC registered). You want a new puppy to be a happy, wonderful new member of your family... 
Think about what it would be like if your new puppy:
  • Cried each night
  • Shook when you tried to hold him
  • Nipped and bit at you and any children in the home
  • Did not have the ability to learn housebreaking
  • Hid, ran or barked every time a visitor came to your home
You may be thinking... "I'll just go to see the puppy in person and I'll know how he/she behaves". This will be of zero help to you. The puppy will be on "his own turf". He will not behave as he will when you actually bring him home! Only careful breeding and everyday, one-on-one, loving socialization from a breeder will give you a puppy that:
  • Adjusts quickly to your home
  • Is perfectly calm when visitors come over
  • Does not cry at night
  • Quickly learns housebreaking and commands
  • Is affectionate, loving and gentle
  • Does not bite or nip at you and other family members
Avoiding the Inevitable...

It is not recommended to find a Pomeranian breeder in a big directory. There are thousands of Pomeranian breeders in the United States. 99% of them have 1 thing on their mind: money. They see $$ and not puppies. Think you can spot a good breeder from the type of home that they have? No. ANY person can clean up a home, little or big, and set up the puppies to appear as if they have a wonderful environment. ANY person can quickly groom pups and spread out toys to make it appear as if they are happy, well adjusted little Pomeranian puppies for sale.

Most breeders are out for money. THEY CAN TALK A GOOD GAME. You will hear stories of how they had their 1st Pom as a child and "fell in love with the breed"'ll hear stories of how "The Poms are my children" and so on. They KNOW what to say to make the sale. It is very much like a shady cars salesman.

Did you know that big directories allow EVERYONE and ANY ONE to be listed? Pay $20 and have a listing! These are littered with people who are not even breeders! They lift photos from legitimate breeder's websites, list them as puppies for sale, sucker you in with their "I love puppies spiel" , take your deposit money, disappear...and show up the next week under a new name. For $20, they just took your $250 deposit.
litter of Pomeranian puppies
Think you can know a good breeder by looking at their website! Think again! ANYONE can set up a website. We could set up a 10 page site within 5 hours. And did you know that many of the most wonderful, loving, caring, dedicated breeders are not the best website builders? 

They are busy taking care of their puppies and are not webmasters. Many try very hard to set up a nice site...but many are "Puppy People" and not "Computer People". 

You can never judge a breeder by their site. An excellent breeder may have a crazy looking site with flying birds, hopping frogs and show tune music.
And a backyard breeder (who often makes a lot more money because they have 50+ dogs) can pay someone $2000 to create a gorgeous site that draws you in and makes you think that they MUST be great.

Health Contracts

Think you are safe with a Health Guarantee? Think again! 99.9% of them cover only life threatening illness. Do you know how many health issues are not life threatening but will severely impact the health of a Pom? Too many to count! Luxating patella is just 1 of them... a very common issue with Poms but not fatal...your Pom could have problems for their entire life. What about contacts that state you can bring the puppy back if there is a health issue?

Do you really want to bring back a puppy that you already fell in love with? They will make a "replacement"??? Can you "replace" a little Pomeranian who already touched your soul? The importance of getting a puppy from a trusted breeder who have the pup's health as their main concern is crucial ! 

Great breeders take years to study bloodlines, they do very carefully selected breedings and have all testing done (not just testing that the AKC recommends, but all possible testing). They CARE about their Pomeranians and are breeding for the betterment of the breed.

So Now What?
We know now that:
  • The breeder is extremely important for the behavioral and emotional health of your new puppy
  • The breeder is vitally important for the health of your new puppy
  • Open directories are filled with fake breeders, puppy mills and back yard breeders
  • Any one can fool potential buyers with: Their talk, their sites and their homes
  • The breeder you choose be the deciding factor as to whether you have a well balance, well bred, well socialized, healthy puppy
So, who can you trust? You can trust the Pomeranian breeders that PetPom personally knows. Period. We have no other method of sorting out who is who for you and there are no guidelines to give you if you choose to scroll through big , open directories. Contact those we personally recommend and you will have a well socialized, happy, healthy, beautiful Pomeranian. Recommended Pomeranian Breeders.
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