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Pet VS Show


Pet VS Show Pomeranian

Difference Between Pet Pomeranian and Show Dog Pomeranians

Question: What is the difference between a "Pet" Pom, and a "show" Pom and why such prejudice? Owner: Shanna, Pomeranian: Pixel

Answer: Hi Shanna. This is a very good Pomeranian question. Pet Pomeranians , also known as Companion Poms and Show Dog Pomeranains are the exact same dog breed. In fact, in the majority of cases, pet Pomeranians and show dog Pomeranains will be of the same liter ;they will be brothers and sisters. The difference between the two is that when the puppies are born, the Pomeranian breeder will take great time and effort to record all the stats of the puppy. The breeder will be checking to see if a Pomeranian dog fits the breed standards of the Pomeranian toy dog.

Dog clubs, such as the AKC, need to list out a "perfect" standard for exactly how a Pomeranian "should" look. This must be done, so that when dogs compete in conformation dogs show events, they can then judge which dog comes closest to the breed standard. 

There is an "Official Breed Standard" to officially document what a certain dog breed looks like. Every kennel club has one for every recognized breed. At varying points in history, these were drawn up. And over time, they are revised. 

So, a Pom breeder will decide which dogs come close to that breed standard and which do not. Even little issues, such if a dog is a bit under or over the breed standard weight, if a dog has a marking on its nose, etc. will put that Pom in the category of a Companion Pomeranian or 'pet quality'. This is the decision of a Pom breeder; but done in the best interest of the owners. 

When a Pom is designated as a show dog Pomeranian, owners will know that the dog will have a better chance of winning dog events (many people make a living by entering dog shows) and they will know that the dog does not have any flaws (or noticeable flaws).

With all this said, when you look at a show Pom vs a pet Pom, you'll see some differences, because the dogs that are in show will all have the same desired elements.

Here are some key points:


Show: Adult weight of 4 to 6 lbs. (1.81 to 2.72 kg) is preferred.
Pet: Adult weight will usually fall between 3 and 7 lbs. (1.6 and 3.17 kg) however there are pet Pom that are much larger, 10+ lbs (4.53 kg)

Face Shape

Show: The face will be fox faced as this is the standard for AKC, CKC, KC and FCI.
Pet: Due mainly in part to pubic demand, some pet Pomeranians have the baby doll or teddy bear face (a flatter face); though many will have the foxface. 


Show: While every ethical breeder will strive for full, dense coats ALL show Poms will have near perfect coats; the fur around the neck, shoulder and chest area will be 'abundant' and the coat will be tightly packed.
Pet: There will be some Pomeranians classified as pets that just have a hard time developing the intensely thick coat as their show dog counterparts.


All colors are accepted in AKC events. The FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) finds a Pom that shows the merle coloring to have a disqualifying fault. So, while all colors are permissible in AKC and other clubs accept all except merle, they do have preferences. The KC likes oranges to be as bright as possible... the AKC prefers a white blaze on parti-colored Poms, etc. So, if a breeder believes that a pup will be of 'idea' size, with a super thick coat and has preferred coloring, she may hold onto the puppy, in the hopes that he will mature to be a fine show specimen.


Sometimes a Pomeranian puppy will be born with an obvious flaw that would bar him from ever being a show dog. This includes an overshot or undershot bite, extremely undersized or oversized, bad body formation (weak pasterns) and so forth. These dogs will automatically be labels as pets and in the case of these types of faults should not be bred. These dogs make for fantastic canine family members; however will not be able to be shown. 
Show Pomeranian champion
A true AKC show dog
CH. Finch's Peacemaker Parti
This Pom has won 15 points
Photo courtesy of Chelane's Pomeranians
AKC pointed Pomeranian
An AKC Pointed Pomeranian
A dog needs to be awarded 15 points to be crowned a champion show dog
Photo courtesy of Paquin Poms
pet quality Pomeranian
A 'normal' pet quality Pom. If this dog were trimmed and fluffed, he'd look quite similar to the pointed show dogs
If You Have a Pet Quality Pomeranian

We must point out that the Pomeranian is a beautiful and amazing dog, and we do not see "flaws" as being anything negative! Every person in the world has "flaws". Even models and celebrities. Some of us have big noses, moles or distinctive eyebrows...this is what makes us unique. Even show dogs are not identical. That is what makes dog shows so interesting; each Pomeranian is different and none of them are "perfect". These show dogs only compete to see which one comes closest to that pre-decided breed standard. 

In regard to the prejudice that the LW spoke about, we wonder if that is referring to dog show officials? If so, they are most likely just following the strict guidelines. Please keep in mind that any Pomeranian can enter agility dog show events and these are very fun and a great way to bond with your dog! If you are meeting other Pom owners who are acting prejudice to a Pom that is not "show dog quality", quite honestly...they sound like big snobs! 
All of us here at PetPom love and cherish every Pomeranian that exists that God has graced this world with. We know that our PetPom Members feel the same way! We have Members with Poms that have birth defects, Poms that have are rescue dogs that show the marks from that and Poms of all ages, colors, sizes and interesting quirks and personalities. 

So, if you have a pet quality Pom and anyone is acting prejudice toward you or your Pomeranian, we say... Welcome to the PetPom family, where all Members love all Pomeranians!
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