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Zodiac for Poms


Your Pomeranian's Zodiac

Your Pom's Animal Sign & what it means:
See your Pom's Chinese zodiac animal sign & what this means:

What year was your Pomeranian born?
The Chinese Zodiac (Shēngxiào) was created during the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD). It is a cycle of 12 years. Each year is represented by an animal sign. The 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac are: Rat, Pig, Dog, Rooster, Monkey, Sheep/Goat, Horse, Snake, Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger and Ox.

According the ancient Chinese zodiac, one's personality, traits and character can all be correlated to their year of birth. One's corresponding animal sign let's you know one's strengths, disposition and temperament. It's a popular and fun way to gain some insight on one's true nature and psyche. 

Poms are such an amazing breed, able to express and show so much! Yet if you look at two Poms (both in the same household & raised exactly the same) they can have personalities as different as day & night. Why is this? Well, it may just be because of which year they were born & their animal sign! 

Can pet zodiac and horoscopes really work? For many, the answer is yes! This is taken very seriously in countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia and China (studies show that birth rates soar in timing with 'sought after' signs) and other places all over the world including the US.

Though many superstitions come and go over the centuries, astrology still remains. While this section is all done in fun, in many ways knowing your dog's zodiac sign can be insightful. Astrologists around the world use different methods to link one's birth to their character. This can be done via the exact date one is born (Western astrology and horoscopes), the moon phase one was born or even the time of day that one enters the world. The Chinese zodiac method of assigning animal signs to birth years has stood strong for over 20 centuries as a reliable way to predict traits. 

With the zodiac, each Pomeranian's general nature and psyche can be traced to his/her year of birth. You'll see that each sign has its own strengths. Some signs lean toward the dog being a reserved, careful & caring observer... others towards being more outgoing. There are some animal signs known for their gift of bonding & love and others for traits of unwavering compassion. 

It has been proven that canines have a range of at least 12 emotions and the intelligence level of a 2 to 3 year old human. When you see your Pom acting a certain way that appears to display things such as contentment, suspicion, love, protection, etc. it is not your imagination. Our dogs are amazing creatures, capable of a wide range of feelings. While our Poms express themselves via body language, vocalization and even facial expression, it can be helpful to know a dog's core personality and why he/she thinks the way that they do. 

In this way, knowing your Pomeranian's birth zodiac is a fun way to better understand your puppy or dog. 
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