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2016 Contest


2016 - The 6th Annual Pomeranian Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween 2016 was more fun than ever, with so many Poms joining in on the fun... and with all of you who enjoyed looking at these super-cute balls of fluff in costume. 

The slideshow below shows all of our adorable contestants, and then you'll see the winners (chosen by PetPom Members)
90 Poms (solo, duo or group) joined in on the fun for Halloween 2016. 
Here are all of the super-adorable contestants...

After tallying votes from PetPom Members...

Here are the winners!
Winner: Best Costume
2016 Pomeranian Halloween Costume Winner- Best Costume
 Agent "Fox" Mulder,  as Mom's Spaghetti 
Agent "Fox" Mulder is 19 months old; Owners are Kristin Elsley & Banner Isaac

1st Runner Up - Best Costume
Pomeranian Costume Winner 2016- 1st Runner Up
 Cocoa Macaroon, as Sushi  
Cocoa Macaroon is 2 years old; Owner is Shruthi Pendyala

2nd Runner Up - Best Costume
Pomeranian Costume Winner 2016- 2nd Runner Up
Cuzco, as King Cuzco The First
Cuzco is 6 years old; Owners are The Orrego Family

3rd Runner Up - Best Costume
Pomeranian Costume Winner 2016- 3rd Runner Up
Charlie, as a Scarecrow
Charlie is 4 years old; Owner is Dawn Legg

befitting logo header
Costume Most Befitting the Pom
2016 Pomeranian costume contest - Winner - Costume Most Befitting
Kitty G. as Batgirl
Kitty G. is 8 weeks old; Owner are The Gonzales Family

Most Amusing Costume
winner - most amusing costume on pomeranian
Bowie is 6 years old; Owner is Amanda Mahoney

enthusiastic header
Most Enthusiastic
winner - Pomeranian costume most enthusiastic
Abby, as a Hula Dancer
Abby is 2 years old; Owner is Belinda Hood

duo group header
Cutest Costumed Duo or Group
winner - cutest costume duo or group with Pomeranian - Halloween
Jacques Bouffant Louis Antione as Prince, Courtney as Raspberry Beret
 & Chris as Purple Rain
Jacques Bouffant Louis Antione is 10 years old; Owners Courtney and Chris are pictured

most elegant stance header
Most Elegant Stance
winner - Pomeranian most elegant stance
Teddy Paparazzi, as an Authentic Greek Guard Soldier
 Teddy is 12 years old; Owner is Nikko Kefalas
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