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Halloween Costumes


Pomeranian Halloween Costumes

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Best Costumes - It's so much fun to dress up a Pom for Halloween; though you can always place cute clothing on your dog for both warmth and comfort, a costume is your chance to really be creative and have lots fun. 

Each year here at PetPom, we hold a costume contest (this year's will be starting soon!). Let's take a look at the previous winners of the past 3 years and then we'll look at some really cute costume choices for both male and female Poms. 
Pomeranian Flying Monkey Costume
 Agent "Fox" Mulder,  as Mom's Spaghetti 
Agent "Fox" Mulder is 19 months old; Owners are Kristin Elsley & Banner Isaac
Pomeranian Flying Monkey Costume
Agent Fox Mulder AKC Fox, as a flying monkey from the wizard of oz!
Fox is 7 months old; Owners are Kris & Banner
Pomeranian dressed as table
Teaticket, as a table with spaghetti, meatballs + pomesan cheese
TeaTicket is 6 months old; Owner: Lynn Mack
Are you thinking that it might be fun to dress up your Pom for Halloween?

Well, you're right!

This lovable toy breed is usually quite accommodating when it comes to putting on doggie clothes or costumes. Most love to prance around, enjoying the attention and smiles that comes along with being dressed up. 

Some tips for choosing the right outfit & showing it off:

1) Fit - When in doubt, choose a costume that will not be overly tight. While your Pom's body is tiny, that thick double fur does take up quite a bit of room! If the costume is just a bit loose, your Pom will be able to move around as normal, run, and play.

2) Protecting the Coat - Static cling can occur with any type of fabric, so before you put the costume on your little Pom, spritz the coat very lightly with some leave-in coat conditioner. The goal is to create a fine mist, do not spray too much and dampen the coat. A good one to use is The Stuff Conditioner & Detangler Spray.

Don't worry about clothing doing anything to the fur, if left on for a normal amount of time (1 to 3 hours, don't let your Pomeranian sleep in it!), the coat will be just fine. You may only need to brush it a bit (think, "hat hair" that happens to us sometimes).

3) If you will be walking your Pom around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating, do be sure to play it safe. If the sun has set, bring a flashlight. Additionally, never take the leash off of your Pom. Adding reflectors to both you and your dog can help keep you both safe as well, so that you can enjoy strolling around and receiving tons of compliments on how your Pom looks!

4) If you want to bring your Pom out but the walk will be too far or if it will be too overwhelming for your Pom to be walking with all the kids running around, have your Pomeranian in a comfortable, safe sling. It's an awesome ways to keep your dog close and able to see the action, but safe off the ground.
Cute Costumes for Female Pomeranians
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Looking for something feminine and pretty for your female Pom? These dresses are super cute and all comes in sizes extra-small and small: 
Cute Costumes for Male Pomeranians
If you have a male Pom, these are some super-adorable choices: 
Cute Costumes for Both Boy & Girl Pomeranians
There's all sorts of fun characters, animals, and even silly things that you can dress up your Pom as, sure to get your puppy or dog lots of attention and smiles. Here's some extra-delightful costumes that we love:
If Your Pom Will Be Home with You On Halloween

Maybe you will be home manning the door and your Pom will be there with you. If you are a bit worried about how your Pomeranian will react to all of the trick-or-treating kids, you are not alone.  Many owners are concerned that their Pom may get scared of all of the noise and commotion or will feel overwhelmed. And if the doorbell rings over and over, many Pomeranian puppies and dogs can indeed get rather riled up.

Here are some tips:

1) Try to avoid having the children ring the doorbell for candy.  The constant ringing can really get a Pom revved up. You can stand by the door with a bowl of candy so that they see you before they have a chance to ring.  Or, you can sit out on the front step with your Pom (if the weather allows for this). Another option, if room allows, is to set up a chair near the door, with the screen door closed and the larger entry door open. 

2) Being so little, most Poms will feel left out of the action if they are on ground level and you are interacting with the trick-or-treaters on Halloween, so most Poms will be happiest where they can see.

You can hold your Pom, however since this can be tiring (depending on how many visitors you'll have), having your Pom in a carry sling is a great method for a Pom to be up where he can see what's going on. You'll also find slings to be a great way to take your Pom on errands with you... many stores will not say a thing as long as the dog is in this sort of tote.

3) If your Pom is exceptionally shy and isn't handling the action very well, it may be best to have a 2nd person keep him occupied in another room, while you hand out the treats to all the costumed visitors. 

If you are home alone with your Pomeranian and there's no one available to do this and the noise is really getting him upset, it may be best to shut off that front light; after all, you have to do what is best for your Pom.  You can work on socialization skills gradually and maybe he'll be ready for Halloween next year! 

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