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Eat poop


Why is my Pomeranian Eating Poop

Our Poms are so adorable..So sweet and beautiful... And it can be very disturbing when we see our Pomeranian eat poop. Not only is this frustrating for owners, it can cause a Pom to pick up parasites and bacteria that cause diarrhea and other illness. 

This section will go over the reasons of why a Pom does this and the steps that you can take to stop him or her from doing it. We will look into this in detail to discuss: Is it a habit? Do they really like the taste (Yuck!) ?...Or are there other reasons? 
This behavior can be embarrassing for owners and as you may have guessed, very unhealthy for puppies and dogs.
So, let's dive into this topic to find out why a Pomeranian would have do this, what you need to know about it and how you can help.
Pomeranian with eating poop sign
Reason 1

Not the only reason, but one of the most common, is that a dog will eat his or her own poop (or that of other dogs) due to a lack of certain nutrients in their diet.  

When the body craves a certain element, canine instinct will cause a dog to ingest what can be found...even if that element may exist in dog poop.  

Therefore, the first thing to do, is to look over what your Pomeranian is actually eating for meals and snacks. Some manufactured dog foods are decent, however many have fillers. 

What are these? Well, fillers ingredients put into the food to bulk it up. Basically, it is done to make it appear that there is more food than there actually is. 
It "fluffs" it up...however, there they hold zero nutritional value and zero calories. Ingesting these types of meals on a regular basis can leave a dog feeling hungry and lacking vitamins and minerals. 

If you choose to continue with a manufactured brand, it is highly suggested to offer your Pom a full and complete vitamin and mineral supplement each day. This can help round out the diet.  

Your other option is to home cook for your little ball of fur. If you do, you will know for certain that only fresh, wholesome foods are going into the meals. And the other benefit is that most Poms simply love homemade meals...Many owners find that this solves the issue of Pomeranians that are picky about their meals, but then skip on over to nibble on poop when outside
Reason 2

The answer to this, for some, is simple curiosity that turns into a habit. Certainly you've heard owners say, "My dog is eat anything!". Well, there are some dogs that will sniff and taste just about anything to answer the questions of "What is this?"...."Is this edible?"..."If so, do I like the taste?" 

It's hard to imagine that a dog would like the taste of feces, however depending on what foods were digested and expelled, if a dog is actually eating it, there must be an element that they are finding to their liking.  

If a Pomeranian does this just one time and is not taught that it is an unacceptable behavior, he or she may then get into a habit of seeking out poop and eating it. An owner must remember that if a behavior is not corrected, a dog will assume that it is tolerated and acceptable.  

There are some things you can do to stop your Pom from eating feces:

1) When house training, be sure to choose 1 designated area. Then, within that area, your Pomeranian can choose the exact spot. That will be the bathroom area and should not be used for any other reason such as play or exercise. Once your Pom has gone to the bathroom, scoop up any feces and then lead your Pom away.

2) Keep a close eye on him when you bring him to area where there are other dogs (parks, etc.) since eating the feces of other dogs can lead to a worm infestation. 

3) If a Pom really has a bad habit of eating his own poop, there are safe supplements that can be sprinkled onto their meals. It tastes good going in, but when it is expelled it has a horrid taste to stop a dog from wanting to nibble on it.  You can find this under 'Supplements' in the Pomeranian Specialty Shoppe.

4) Whenever your see your Pomeranian heading toward any feces, Immediately clap your hands to gain his attention. Refocus his attention elsewhere and reward good behavior. 

5) If you have an open space in the yard where you like to allow your dog to run around and play, it is recommended to go outside first to clear the area of any feces. Spraying water on any piles with a garden hose is a quick solution to cleaning poop away as it will dissolve into the soil.
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