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Pomeranian Owners Poll

In this section, you will see what Pomeranian owners have to say about their dogs and be able to see various stats about Poms, given straight from their humans. Join the fun to vote on elements regarding your Pom and see how you compare to other owners. We'll be adding to this section on a regular basis, so if you have a great idea for a poll question to pose to other Pomeranian owners, please share your idea with us; you'll see a form below. 
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It's common for Pomeranian owners to be a bit confused about colors since there are just so many that can be seen with this breed.

We have some great pages with details and photos, if you're interested in learning more.  Here is the main color page that brings you to all others and some of the more popular colors:
Pom Colors
Here's some tips for owners when bringing a Pom to run errands with you:

While holding your Pom is fine, it might be tricky to shop and keep a firm hold on him. You may want to try a sling, carry bag or stroller. Slings are great for keeping your Pom snuggled close to you, while keeping your hands free. 

If you're going to a place where you'll be walking a lot, a canine stroller can be a life-saver! These are also great if the weather is hot, as a means for owners to keep their Pom shaded.

And if you keep your Pom by your side on a leash, do please use a harness and not a collar. Collars can lead to terrible accidents and injury to the neck.
No matter how your Pom came into your life, you'll have to agree that's it's awfully tempting to bring in another! Most Pomeranian owners will agree that their Pom gets along pretty well with other dogs (see poll below, 3rd next poll on mobile). If you're thinking about bringing another Pom into your family and you're not sure where to start looking, we suggest reaching out to your local shelter to adopt a rescue Pom or if you wish to obtain a puppy from a breeder but are not sure who is reputable, look to our personally recommended Pomeranian breeders; these are small at-home breeders whom we know and trust.
Most Pom owners would agree that house training is the biggest hurdle to get over. It's common for there to be some hiccups.

However, with a good plan in place, everyone in the household both in agreement and willing to do their part and with some patience and strict adherence to the rules, a Pomeranian can be house trained in 2 to 3 months. 
It's not always easy to generalize about the Pomeranian breed, because each Pom has their own distinct personality and getting along with other pets, unknown or even in the household, is also connected to past experiences and the level of socialization that a Pom has. 
If there's one aspect that most owners need to keep up with, it's grooming. This breed with it's double coat, that should not be shaved, can shed quite a bit, have hair loss issues, needs to be bathed 1 time every 3 weeks and brushed quite often to pull out dead hairs and keep tangles away. Be sure to use a quality shampoo and leave-in.
Are sleeping surfaces really that important? The answer may surprise you. There are many reasons to invest in a great bed for your Pomeranian; The sleeping surface that a Pom sleeps on can affect everything from joint health to coat health. 
Many times, a Pom is a combination of the various faces; though it is the fox face that is the breed standard face. That is just one reason why Pomeranians are compared to foxes. The differences between fox and teddy bear faces have to do mainly with the snout and forehead. 
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Fruit is low calorie, packed with antioxidants & even though it contains natural sugar, the fiber causes it to be digested slowly. This makes moderate amounts of fresh fruit a great snack for Poms
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