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Toy Pomeranians


Toy Pomeranians 

Information About Toy Pomeranians

First, we must understand which meaning of the term we are using.

This is because the Pomeranian is a toy dog, in regard to class size determined by the AKC.

Toy are the smallest class and they include not only the Pom, but the Chihuahua, Pug, Shih Tzu, Maltese and other dogs that are small in regard to body structure, weight and height

Therefore, technically, a toy Pomeranian can be a term used to describe the natural size of this breed.

However, one must be very aware that some breeders, pet stores and others may refer to a Pom as a "Toy Pomeranian" and their intention is to claim that they have a special & unique dog that is smaller than the average breed standard.

It must be strongly noted that there is only 1 type of Pomeranian. There is no such official offspring or varieties as the Toy, Miniature, Teacup....Or any other name that implies that the dog will grow up to be smaller than the standard.

A standard, healthy Pom will grow to be an adult weight between 3 and 7 pounds (1.36 to 3.175 kg). Their height (from paw to shoulder) will be between 8 and 11 inches (20.32 to 27.94 cm).

This is small enough. Let's take a look at what can happen when someone breeds puppies to be smaller than this....
tiny toy Pomeranian
How small must the Pom be before people realize that there is no need to try to produce a "Toy Pomeranian"?
When a Dog is Smaller Then Average

Somehow, having an extremely tiny dog has become a status symbol of some kind to many people, both in the United States and in many other countries around the world. This is partially due to the media propagating that the smaller the better. Some people do not realize that 3 to 7 pounds (1.36 to 3.175 kg) is tiny. A Pom is a fragile dog. At their already "toy" size, they are prone to collapsed trachea, hip dysplasia and luxating patella among other health issues that commonly affect dogs of this size. 
boy holding small Pomeranian
The toy Pomeranian was once a large dog....ancient ancestors were medium to large sled dogs. They were all pure white and very strong, with muscled bodies and sound structure. They were working dogs, with excellent endurance and tolerance to cold.  

Over time, they were bred down to be small lap dogs...meant to be inside companions...And today we have stopped at the weight of the 3-7 pounds.

Already fragile, going any lower in weight is dangerous. As stated above, certain medical issues can already happen to a standard sized Pom. The risk of it happening to a "toy" or "teacup"....a Pom that is under 3 pounds is increased dramatically. 
Collapsed trachea is a condition that can happen if too much stress if put onto the dog's neck. This most often happens if the pup is walked with a collar and leash as opposed to a harness and leash. If the Pom lunges ahead or off to the side, the leash can go tight and this puts all the pressure on the neck.  

Then, the trachea which is made of rings of cartilage, can literally collapse. The rings become crushed and this causes a lot of pain and breathing difficulties. This can be avoided by always using a harness. Growth stops at 1 to 1.5 years of age and proper care will need to be given, which in some aspects will be similar to the care of a puppy, but for the dog's entire life span.

Luxating patella a term meaning a slipped kneecap. Hip dysplasia is a term meaning that the hip joint and socket have slipped out of place. Both can happen to toy dogs easily. It most often occurs when the dog jumps off of an object that is just too high....their body cannot handle the impact of landing. For example, jumping off of the sofa or leaping off of a human's bed.

Both can be avoided by training your Pom to not jump...Also some owners opt to have doggie ramps in place, next to commonly used areas such as the sofa, so that the dog can walk off as opposed to jumping, which averts possible injury.
How This Breeding is Done

Also commonly referred to as Teacup or Miniatures....What an unethical breeder will do is to choose 2 dogs (dam and sire) that are underweight. They are technically the "runts" of the litter. Then, when bred together, they will often produce a litter of smaller than average puppies. 

Those who make their living out of selling dangerously unhealthy tiny dogs will do this over and over. Most do not care about the ethics of inline breeding. Mother to son, daughter to father... it is a common practice since it is easier for them to pair together small, related dogs than to obtain and bring in other undersized dams and sires.
Other Ways

Since the Pomeranian is a toy breed dog, some will simply call a Pom a Toy. They will imply that the puppy is special and unique, that they will grow to be smaller than average. However, they will turn out to be a normal Pom of standard body structure. This is easy for some breeders to do, since 8 week old pups are only about 1 pound and the potential owner would not know what their mature weight would be. 

Health contracts may be given (but usually are for only the 1st year) and adult size and appearance is never promised in writing.

In rare cases, very unscrupulous people will lie about age, offering 6 week olds as 8 week olds.  
size of cat compared to Pomeranian
This gives unsuspecting new owners the mistaken belief that the puppy is tinier than standards.
Making Sure You Obtain a Healthy Pom

The best way to ensure that you have a healthy, happy puppy is to buy one from a reputable breeder. One with many years of experience and one who devotes their life to raising standard sized dogs with careful thought. If you are looking for someone to trust, be sure to have a look at our exclusive list of Personally Recommended Pom Breeders.
Concerns of Current Owners

If you are concerned about the weight of your pup or dog, you may wish to have a look at our growth chart.

If you think that your Pom may be overweight, you may learn about this in our Feeding section or our Overweight section. 

Some owners may find that they have the opposite of a Toy their dog is much large than normal and this can be due to having a Throwback.
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