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Can Pom Eat Eggs


Can a Pomeranian Eat Eggs?

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scrambled eggs on a plate
We know that you are doing your best to feed your Pom a healthy balanced diet, whether that be a carefully chosen manufactured dog food or your own delicious home cooking. While owners put a lot of effort and care into the main meals that their Pomeranian eats, just as much care should go into snacks. In addition, there are some very healthy food additions that can be added to 'normal' meals to either enhance the taste (perhaps for those picky eaters) or to add nutrients for a balanced diet. 

We have received many emails from Pom owners asking if their puppy or dog can safely eat certain foods. 
Over the past few months, we have tallied the 8 most common questions and are here to answer them for you. This page will discuss the question of: Can a Pomeranian eat eggs? You will see links below for other questions including cheese, shrimp, oranges and other foods. So, let us focus on eggs right now! 

This is an excellent question, since so many owners eat eggs for breakfast and other also have an occasional hard boiled egg for a snack. Have you ever wondered why a dog's food is the same for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Why is it that humans eat certain foods at certain times of the day, but our puppies and dogs essentially eat the same thing for every meal?

One of the reasons for this is because some dogs, particularly the Pomeranian and especially young puppies do not do well with fast food changes.

A quick change to a new food can cause stomach upset. This is why, with new Poms that are brought home, we always recommend to feed the puppy the very same food that the breeder was feeding (even if it is not your top choice) and then make a gradual changeover to your chosen food over the course of 1 month. 

With this said, as long as your Pom is over the age of 4 months old (when a food change is much less likely to cause any sort of tummy troubles), it may be possible to introduce a new food for breakfasts. However, this still leaves us the question of, can that food be eggs? Eggs are extremely popular in just about every country in the world. Last year, there were an estimated 62 million metric tons of eggs produced worldwide; and those came from an estimated 6.5 billion hens!

So, it's safe to say that a lot of people eat eggs! Not too long ago, health enthusiasts insisted that eggs were on the 'bad' list of foods to eat; this was due to the cholesterol count found in an egg. However, since that time, thinking on this has changed. 

We have what is called 'good' and 'bad' cholesterol. And this is only found in blood, not in foods. Eggs actually increases the 'good cholesterol', when eaten in moderation. They are also low in saturated fat with there being only 1.6 grams in a typical yolk. In addition, the old train of thought was that whole eggs caused heart disease and this has since been proven false.

Therefore, for humans, eggs in moderation are part of a healthy, balanced diet. Some will chose organic eggs, which come from hens that are fed organic feed and do not receive antibiotics or vaccinations. It is a personal decision in regard to organic VS caged, however both contain the same amount of calories: 70 calories in 1 large egg. Additionally, one egg contains a good amount of protein: 6 grams.
So, now that we know some basic facts about eggs, is it healthy and safe for a Pomeranian to eat eggs?  

The answer is a big YES. However, there are some things to keep in mind.

1- One of the great benefits of feeding eggs to a Pomeranian is that it can help keep the coat healthy. While conscientious owners will take care when grooming and use high quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments and also give their Pom Omega supplements to keep the thick, double coat of the Pomeranian healthy, eggs can aid in keeping the coat strong, shiny and healthy. 

This is due to both the protein content and the vitamin A.

Not only do eggs help keep a Pomeranian's fur strong and healthy (try it for 2 weeks and see the difference!), they also aid in building muscle and repairing tissue. 

2- Eggs are relatively inexpensive. While you will not want eggs to be your Pomeranian's main food source, adding them to foods or giving eggs as a snack is an easy and inexpensive way to offer a healthy food ingredient to your Pom's diet.
3- Some critics say that feeding a dog eggs is not healthy, as it can cause a biotin deficiency, however this is very rare and for this to happen, a dog would have to be fed a HUGE amount of eggs on a regular basis. Therefore, just like with any other food, if you feed eggs to your Pomeranian, it should be done in moderation. Even too much of a good thing is a bad thing!
whole eggs
Brown eggs are much fresher than white shelled eggs
4- Some suggest feeding raw eggs to dogs; however personally you have to be very careful with raw food diets. There are some breeds that can handle a raw food diet; typically the Pomeranian is not one of them. Carefully prepared raw foods are alright once in a while; but not as a Pom's regular main meals.

5- As with any food, there is always the possibility of a food intolerance or food allergy. Some dogs are allergic to chicken, which is a main ingredient in both manufactured and home cooked food. Therefore, if you are going to feed eggs to your Pomeranian for the first time, as with any other new food, you are going to want to watch your Pom for 1 to 2 days afterward to see if there are any adverse reactions. The majority of Poms love eggs and will easily tolerate them; as with any food, there will be a few Poms that have an intolerance.

6- While humans would never think of eating egg shells, the shell of an egg can be a great benefit for dogs! Egg shells aid in strong bones and teeth- and this is important since many Poms have soft teeth that are vulnerable to decay and infection. How should you serve eggs shells to your Pom?
First, you will want to boil the eggs to avoid the risk of salmonella (canines are just as susceptible as humans). Once boiled, you will want to allow the eggs to dry thoroughly and then grind them into a fine powder using a coffee grinder or a food processor.

If you do not have those appliances, you can use a morar and pestle, however please take the time to grind them completely, as the end result must be a fine powder without any pieces of shell that would be visible to the human eye.

For 1 meal per day, sprinkle 1/2 of a teaspoon on your Pom's normal food. It is suggested to make a week's worth and keep it sealed in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This easy additive to your Pomeranian's food will aid in strong bones and teeth.
cute cream colored Pomeranian pup
Toby, 9 weeks old
Photo courtesy of owner: Angela
7- Once of the easiest ways to offer eggs to a Pomeranian is to prepare hard boiled eggs. Once cooled, it can be easily sliced into bite sized pieces and mixed into a meal.

8- Some dogs become gassy after eating eggs, so just keep an eye on your Pom for this issue. If he/she does have an excessive amount of flatulence, cut back on the eggs.

And remember, for any food at all, moderation is the key.

9- There are countless egg recipes for dogs, however one of our favorite is an egg and sweet potato mix. You already know the benefits of eggs. The benefits of sweet potatoes are that they are a good source for carbohydrates (which canines need), fiber (which helps keep bowel movements regular), potassium, Vitamin A, C, B6 and protein.

In addition, they do not contain any fat and importantly, are very easy for a Pomeranian to digest. In fact, for Poms that have tummy troubles, sweet potatoes are one of the recommended foods to fed a Pom to allow the stomach to have a rest. Making this super health dish is rather easy!

    1- Boil 1 sweet potato until tender 
    2- After cooling, slice open and scoop out the tender insides, putting the potato into a bowl 
    3- Scramble 2 eggs in a non-stick pan, using some non-fat non-stick spray (don't add any spices other than a small dash of salt)
    4- Once the eggs are scrambled, mix them into the potatoes. 

That's it! Most Pomeranians love this egg dish. You can make it into a fuller meal by adding chicken (white meat, de-bonded, broiled, baked or boiled). For added veggies, try adding cooked peas, carrots and/or green beans. You can experiment to see which vegetables your Pom likes best.

Keep any left overs in a sealed container in the fridge and warm it up for the next serving. Points to remember As long as your Pomerania is over 4 months old, do not be afraid to experiment with some new foods. If you find that your Pomeranian loves to eat eggs, you can make an egg based meal for his or her breakfast.

Don't be shy about adding other ingredients that you know are healthy such as meats (chicken, turkey, fish) and extras like peas. Just remember which foods are off limits, especially onions! While you and your Pomeranian may both be eating eggs at the same time, do make it clear that your food is yours and his food is his!

If a puppy or dog even THINKS that he is receiving some of his owner's food, this can set up a foundation for begging behavior. In following good training techniques, always have your Pom obey the "Sit" command before any meal, snack or treat is given.
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