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Famous Poms


Famous Pomeranians


Celebrities own Pomeranians for the same reason that all Pom owners have: they want one of the most lovable and cutest toy dogs in the world.  

Since the Pomeranian is such a small size, celebs find it easy to carry around their dog to show it off to the world. Isn't it great that the Hollywood glitz understands the wonderful status symbol of the Pomeranian!

There are also famous Pomeranians because they are the stars. Pomeranians have starred in movies. These Hollywood Pomeranians are treated with the best of care and carefully trained so that they will happily perform in front of the camera.

Hollywood & Pomeranians

Actors are dog lovers just as most people are. They too wish to have a wonderful dog in their life. When someone well known decides to buy a certain kind of dog, suddenly the press wants to take pictures of their dog as breaking news! 

There are many celebrities who have Pomeranian dogs. Toy dogs seem to be the trendy dog at the moment; the dogs are shown off and it prompts others to wonder why they don't have a Pomeranian yet. If already owning one, people hope that these famous owners will earn their spot in the group of loving, caring Pomeranian owners.    
Nicole Richie the former sidekick of Paris Hilton owns Foxxy. 
Who knows who got their Pomeranian first, but it appears that one of them is a copycat, as Paris Hilton owns her Pomeranian Kimchi (and recently got a few more).  
Eva Longoria - It isn't known if these are her Poms or a friend's; but she clearly looks happy to hold these soft little guys.
Kelly Osborne, daughter of Ozzy and Sharon and former star of Fashion Police, recently brought another Pom into the family.
Sharon Osborne famous star with Pomeranian
A love for Poms stays in the family. This is Sharon Osborne, star of The Talk (daughter Kelly is above), with one of her Poms. All of her dogs are rescues, by the way.
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Gavis Rossdale Pomeranian, singer of Bush
Gavin Rossdale, English musician and actor, known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Bush is holding his super fluffy Pomeranian named Chewy.
Sylvester Stallone with Pomeranian
This Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone, with whom we're assuming is his daughter (or grand-daughter?) and while this Pom's name is unknown, we do wish he properly buckled the little thing into an appropriate canine car seat. 
Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and who also has an impressive resume of: British restaurateur, philanthropist, author, actress, and television personality is holding her Pomeranian named Giggy.
LeAnn Rimes Pomeranian
Country singer, LeAnn Rimes has 3 Pomeranians, 2 Chihuahuas, a Boston Terrier, a German Shepherd and 2 Bangle cats. She obtained many of her pets from pet stores, though she admits that is not a good thing. She has an assistant take care of them when she's on the road touring. The name of her three Pomeranians are Joey, Raven and Jude. 
Actress Fran Drescher has two Poms called Chester and Esther. It's not clear which one this guy is. He is shaved awfully close, however. 
Other celebrity Pomeranian owners are:
  • Jessica Alba has a Pomeranian named Lucky
  • Comedian Carrot Top has a Pomeranian named Jessica Alba (that's not a typo!)
  • Keanu Reeves has had a Pomeranian named Fluffy for quite a while but is rarely spotted with her
  • Actress Hilary Duff got her first Pomeranian named Macy and then brought another into the family, named Bentley who is a cream Pom
  • Gwen Stefani (ex-husband Gavin Rossdale above) has a Pomeranian named Winston
  • Actor David Hasselhoff has two Poms named Jenny and Killer
  • Legendary singer Liza Minnelli has a Pom named Austin Powers
  • Actress Kate Hudson has a Pomeranian named Clara Bo
  • Singer Cindy Williams has a little Pom named Phoebe
  • Former teen pop and current Las Vegas star Britney Spears owns a Pomeranian named Isabelle
  • Matriarch of the Osborne family, Sharon Osborne has at least two, named Mr. Chips and Minnie
  • The King of Rock, Elvis Presley used to have two Pomeranian dogs. He named them Sweet Pea and Edmund
  • Model and actress Carmen Electra owns an ice white Pom
Royal Poms

Several figures of royalty in England and France owned Pomeranians. This includes:

Queen Victoria (1819-1901). She is perhaps on of the most famous royal figures that not only loved and owned Poms but also played a huge role in their development. Records show the names of at least 3 of her dogs: Marco, Gina and Turi. 

Queen Charlotte, who was the wife of George III of England (1744-1818), had two white Pomeranians. She named them Mercury and Phoebe.

The famous Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), Queen of France, had Pomeranians however their names are not known.

Josephine Beauharnais (1763-1814), Empress of France, had Pomeranians; yet again there are no records of the dogs' names.

Poms on Film
Some Pomeranians are silver screen stars themselves. It may not happen often, but there are Poms that have made it to the big screen. Pomeranians appeared in the movie To Die For with Nicole Kidman, Dumb and Dumber, Harlem Nights, X-Files and Cadillac Man with Fran Drescher.

A Pomeranian named Jiff starred in a movie called 'Adventure of Bailey: A Night in Cowtown'. He has also appeared in several TV commercials for Banana Republic and Target.

This famous Pomeranian Sashi, is seen here with her co-stars in the movie 'Chasing Papi' and again shown while filming the movie 'Quigley':
famous Pomeranian named Sashi
Sashi Pomeranian on movie set
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