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Bad Breath


Pomeranian Bad Breath

Understanding Canine Bad Breath

Dogs may never have minty and fresh odors emanating from their mouths, but it is not normal for an over-powering smell to be emitted.

A PetPom Member wrote in to ask about this issue. Read on about how to deal with your dog's bad breath issue.
Pom with mouth open
Question: My Pomeranian's breath smells very terrible. It's unbelievably over-powering and can be smelled several feet away. The vet says nothing is wrong. I've tried a lot of products. What can I do? ~ Pet Pom Member

Answer: Hi, we are happy that you wrote to us because this could be a serious issue and we want your Pom to be very happy and healthy. Even if you love your Pom's vet, we strongly feel that you need to see a new veterinarian; and we will explain why.

Bad breath problems with dogs always has a cause. For a vet to not find it, is inexcusable. Some of the causes can be quite serious; therefore finding a new vet is absolutely needed.

The most obvious answer would be a build up of plaque and tarter on your Pom's teeth. 
Dental care is vitally important. A dog's teeth must be brushed with quality canine toothpaste that not only freshens breath but is effective at removing plaque and food debris at least once per day.  You'll also want to carefully choose the brush; the most effective toothbrush will be sized for toy breed dogs, have the right texture of bristles to clean well and be 3-sided so that you can scrub all exposed sides of the teeth at the same time. 

In addition, your Pomeranian must have a professional cleaning once per year. The cleanings you do for her will remove the plaque. The professional will be able to remove the tarter. The smell could be from gingivitis, Periodontitis or oral ulceration. If she has not had a professional cleaning, schedule one and this may very well fix the problem. It will also stop future pain she will have from tooth problems.

Now, let's look at some less obvious possible reasons.

Not to worry you, but lung cancer, liver disease or kidney disease can cause a dog's breathe to have a very bad odor. This makes us again question the experience and competence of the veterinarian. (it is not your fault, it is the vet's fault). If he or she did not perform a battery of tests to determine what is causing this, a 2nd opinion from a different vet is absolutely necessary. 
A vet should never shrug off bad breath of this degree without checking for the mentioned diseases. A veterinarian should perform a test to check liver enzyme levels (for the liver) and creatinine levels (for the kidneys).

To recap: If your Pomeranian has not had a professional dental cleaning have one done immediately. Over 60% of dogs over the age of 3 have some level of periodontal disease.

When left untreated, the infection will then spread to other areas of the body. If your Pom's vet has not checked for cancer, liver or kidney disease, find a new vet! Her life may be at stake.

If your Pom's vet did not recommend a prescription for Chlorhexidine, you really need to find a new vet and have this given to you; it will be spayed into your Pomeranian's mouth twice per day.

We are very confident that a new, experienced veterinarian will find the cause of this and that this problem began in her teeth and no matter where the infection may have traveled, will be able to be treated with the above mentioned tests and treatments that will be done.

Once the cause is found and treated, there are steps you can then take to keep her breath smelling nice. Aside from a good daily brushing with dog tooth paste, you should brush her teeth twice per day with a watered down baking soda paste. Hard dog treats will help scrap off plague. Sticking to a healthy diet will help keep her teeth healthy as well.       
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