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Why Does My Pomeranian Spin in Circles?


Poms are adorable little canine family members and they can have all sorts of funny and odd quirks. With a playful personality and lots of charm, we never quite know what our Pomeranian is going to do next.

One of the most common questions that we receive about the behavior of this breed is the behavior of spinning in circles.Owners want to know why their dog does this and if it is considered normal or not.

So, let's take a look at this. We are going to discuss the reasons why a Pom does this and if you should be concerned or not...
Reason 1-  It's the canine way!  If you are talking about spinning in circles before lying down, this is a normal canine behavior. Just about all dogs do this sometimes and many dogs do this all of the time.

Despite what many think, there have actually never been any official studies to prove why dogs do this. But, what we do have for information is that there is an official theory, given by canine behaviorists.

Canine instinct runs deep. There are behavioral traits that our domesticated dogs have today, that go back hundreds and even sometimes thousands of years! Keeping this in mind, long ago, wild dogs circled around before lying down. It was done to pat down grasses and other elements before sleeping upon them. 

Therefore, it is thought that our pets today do this same thing, simply due to a deep, resounding instinct.... Now, if you are wondering about a Pomeranian spinning in many circles and not just when he or she is about to lie down, this is due to there reasons listed below! 
Reason 2- To get your attention! This breed is one of the most charismatic and friendly canines on the planet! Also, the Pomeranian is a lap dog and companion dog...

This means that for generations, the qualities of being a companion to humans has been inbred. Poms love their humans and sometimes will do things to gain attention. Spinning can be a way of saying, "Look at me!", and after all, it works, doesn't it? 

If you have a Pom that follows you around like a shadow, this is not necessarily a bad thing... Do be sure to do what you must do during the day...tasks, work and other elements should be done as needed. 

If you are busy and your Pomeranian is spinning as a way to get you to look at him or her, it can help to just take a few minutes every hour or so to give a pat and talk for a bit. 

This will assure your dog that you do acknowledge him or her even if you are busy doing other things.

Lastly, please do be sure to offer at least one daily walk....It will allow your Pomeranian to release pent up energy and maintain good health.
Pomeranian in a cute costume
Emmitt, 8 years old
Photo courtesy of owner: Janine Rigney
Pom dressed up with hat
Griffinth, 3 years old
Photo courtesy of : Diana Bates
Reason 3 - Excitement. If your Pomeranian spins in circles as you are preparing dinner, grabbing their leash to take them out for a walk or right when you enter the home after being away for a while, the spinning is most likely done in response to feeling a great deal of excitement.

Owners should not worry about this at all... In fact, if this is why your dog is spinning, consider yourself lucky...Because some puppies and dogs get so overwhelmed that they have "excitement urination". 

Reason 4
Independent play. When you were a child, did you ever go to into a yard or a field and spin in circles? Many of us have...So it is not that odd that our Poms would do the same thing. After all, having a Pomeranian (or any dog) is a lot like having a child. 

It is to be expected that they will do silly things and find entertainment in funny ways such as running in circles or spinning. Therefore, just as with the above reasons, this is nothing to worry about. It is normal canine behavior and it will not cause any harm.
Pomeranian for blog
"Woof, rufff, rrrr...grrr... UMPHF!"

Translation: "Tweets for treats...? ... or share for... ahh... a pear??? 
Well, you get the gist! Show me some love & share this site."
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